1) So...what's your favorite color?

I like 'em all
Colors piss me off..
Kinda grey, kinda blue, kinda blah.
I have roots?

2) People most often comment on your...

Festive outfits
Bulging muscles
Nasty breath!
Graceful movements
Beautiful houseplants
My big masculine horns
Great personality
Stylin' strut

3) Your catch phrase goes a little something like this:

I'm smurfy tint but not cute to play
Catch me if you can!
gurgle, gurgle....peek-a-boo! OW!!!
You and me, baby, can fertilize me
It's all about the love ya'll...git down..
LOL, silly Pinkal, here's monomate..enjoy!

4) It's very "_____" where you live.

Cold and damp
Hot and smelly
Much like a lava lamp
Wet and foggy
Crappy EXP

5) When you go to a party you usually:

Are the center of attention.
Go with 2 or 3 friends
Blossom from the attention
Mack it to the ladies.
Parties are for suckers
Go home alone because you're a skinny wimp and you annoy people.
Don't bring a gift and leave early.
I stomp the crowd and sometimes lose my head

6) Your favorite type of guild member to eat is:

Level 5 Forces who don't know any better..
Level 100+ prappyrs who think they're bad-ass.
Anyone who's not aware that I just showed up.
Whoever wants to come step to me and my posse.
I spit on all of them
Lonely Rangers that underestimate my stength because i'm short.
Nobody unless I'm provoked. If I am, I'll bite 'em in the neck.
A pslime that melts in my mouth and fits in my hand.

7) I really dislike:

Getting hit in the head with Rafioe when I wake up in the morning.
Playa haters.
My handsome older brother. Show-off.
When people mispronounce my name.
Plain apes
Anyone who doesn't think my jokes are as funny as I do. c'mon folks, I'm hysterical!

8) In your spare time you like to:

Pick up heavy things and put them back down again.
Veg out while watching Comedy Central.
Go hang out at the mall.
Prune and primp
Chew tobacco with your closest buddies.
Spread rumors about yourself dropping mag cells!
Knit sweaters and hug stuff.
Hop hop hop!!

9) Your favorite type of music is:

Classic Rock
Hardcore/Heavy Metal
PUNK! Did somebody say mosh pit?!?! AAAAA!!!!
Anything by Weird Al...Dang, he's funny.

10) Which best decribes you

Nobody loves me...it's true...
An exciting guy/gal in a real boring town.
I am a beautiful flower
Big...Mean...angry...whatever, dude I'm totally pissed right now.
I'm the original trend-setter, all these other guys are total posers.
Very beary blue