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Introduction to Snapple's Sato
Photon Blast
This Sato will have 5 Defense, 50 Power, 45 Dex, and 0 Mind at level 100; with photon blasts Estlla, Pilla, and Mylla & Youlla.
Step 1
  • Make a GREENNILL, BLUEFULL, PINKAL, ORAN, or WHITILL Ranger. The color of sato will be the same color as the baby mag, so use the mag color guide. This ranger needs to feed the MAG when it evolves at level 50. Any ranger can do the feeding when the MAG reaches levels 10 and 35.
Step 2
  • Feed the MAG antidotes. At level 10 it will evolve into Kalki.
  • Feed Kalki antidotes. At level 35 it will evolve into Mitra.
  • Feed Mitra antiparalysis. At level 50 it will evolve into Kaitabha.
Step 3
It's recommended to feed the mag with one of the following:
  • Hunter or Force of any section ID should feed antiparalysis to increase dex to 45. The mag should be Garuda, Ila, or Ribhava.
  • Hunter or Force of any section id should feed dimates to increase pow to 49. The mag will probably evolve at level 95 when pow = dex. Dimates should still be used.
Step 4
Now you need a VIRIDIA, BLUEFULL, REDRIA, or WHITILL FOnewearl or FOmarl.
  • Feed mag dimates until its Pow reaches 50. Or try alternating between monomates and sol atomizers
  • At level 100 it will evolve into Sato.
  • Feed Sato Dimates to increase only Power.
  • Feed Sato Difluids to increase only Mind.
  • Feed Sato Antiparalysis to increase only Dex.

Guide by: SnAPPUrU-nyan-ko

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