Guides - The West Tower

Quest: The West Tower
Description: "Find the entrance to the Control Tower and secure a route to the top floor."
Client: Natasha Milarose

??? Meseta
Normal: 5,000
Hard: 10,000
Very Hard: 20,000
Ultimate: 40,000


This quest is harder than the East Tower quest, as such it is recommended that you are able to easily beat the East Tower quest before attempting this quest.

Upon successfully collecting the requested data in this quest, you will be able to meet Hopkins and Paganini in the online quest, Gallon's shop. You will also be able to add percents to your weapons. To do so follow these steps:

First play the new East Tower quest, complete Hopkin's request and collect the data. Then play the West Tower quest.

After loading the quest, talk to Hopkins and Paganini, who will ask you to find the reasearch data in the Seabed. Find the computer holding the data in Seabed. Retrieve the data and visit Hopkins again. You do not have to finish the entire quest and beat Epsilon to be able to add percentages on your weapon in Gallon's Shop.

Enter the online Gallons Shop quest and talk to Hopkins (minimum of 1PD in your inventory required). Paganini will now offer to add percents to weapons based on photon drops and photon spheres.

  • 5% for 20 photon drops.
  • 30% for 1 photon sphere.

Certain rules do apply, and they are:

  • Cannot add percent to an S-rank weapon.
  • Cannot add percent to hit attribute, even if it has minimum 5%.
  • Can add percent to the same attribute multiple times.
  • Can add percent to any weapon other than S-rank.
  • Can add percent to a 0%.
  • Can add percent to a total of 100%.
  • Can add percents to multiple attributes on the same weapon. .
  • You can only have % in three areas. If you do and try to upgrade an area that has 0%, thats why you'll get an error
  • When using a photon sphere, you must have exactly 30% available to add it to a weapon. That means if you have more then 70% in one area, you can't use a photon sphere on that area.

From now on Paganini will always offer this option. There is no need to replay the West Tower Quest.

Damaging Epsilon
To do damage to Epsilon, wait for the 4 shields/parts to move away from the center core. Then inflict damage to the center core. Trying to hurt him while the shields are not away from the core will not damage him. Do not touch Epsilon's Shields when they are away from him.

Epsilon's shield are color coded as follows:
Red: Fire
Yellow: Lightning & Shock
Blue: Ice & Freeze
Purple: Megid/Instant Death


Player 1 will always start at starting point 1, while player 2 will start at starting point 2 when playing multiplayer mode.Player 1 follows the red dotted line while player 2 follows the blue dotted line.All players will now follow the gray line.

There are 3 sets of teleporter/terminal locations on the map. Each time you play, the location will be randomly decided. Teleporters and computer terminals will appear in sets. Eg: if you have terminal 1 on your map, you will have get the corresponding teleporter 1 on your map as well. Find your appropriate terminal and then head to the teleporter.

If you are doing this quest just to be able to add percentages to weapons, simply collect the data by tripping the terminal and then go back to Hopkins. You do not have to continue to Control Tower

Control Tower

Kill every single enemy on each floor to move on to the next level.

Control Tower - 10th Floor
Defeat Epsilon. Once you have defeated Epsilon go teleport back to P2.

Information by: Silvamord-Whitetail, VulpesMundi and Rhete