Guides - Lobby & Variations

When you are going online, you will be automatically taken to Card Lobbies 1- 5
Card Lobbies

Lobby Card 1 - Green

Lobby Card 2 - Blue

Lobby Card 3 - Red

Lobby Card 4 - Purple

Lobby Card 5 - Yellow

There are also Episode 1 & 2 Lobbies 1 - 15
Lobby Select

Teleporter to change lobbies
Instant Game Makers

2 player instant game maker

4 player max instant game maker

When other players are standing on other"switches" on ground by the table, it will show that they are ready when there is a white bullet in front of the name. Select yes to create a game.

Counter Options

Option 1: Team
Option 2: Tournaments
Option 3: See Tournaments
Option 4: Ships

Game Options

Option 1: Join Game
Option 2: Create Game

Option 1: Game Name
Option 2: Game Password
Option 3: Allow others to view Battle
Option 4: Start Game


Option 1: Join Tournament
Option 2: Check Tournament
Option 3: Cancel


Change Ship
Change Block


Top Left:

  1. Current Ship and Block Location
  2. Time (JP time shows in picture)