Guides - Resting At The Beach

Quest: Resting At The Beach
Description: "???. The Lab is closed for the night..."
Prerequisites: None

This is a quest for you guys to enjoy the dwindling summer. This quest will take place night time in the Seaside Area and will have no new content or gameplay. This quest however will allow you to spend time, relax and chat, and enjoy the nice atmosphere with the soothing lapping sound of the waves echoing in the background. Sit around the campfire and share summer memories or frolic in the sea under the stars to your heart's content. Or come together one last time in the summer and enjoy the fireworks at the beach.

There are also secret words you can say that will trigger a specific action Once you've said a word, you will have to wait until the animation is over before you can trigger another one. If you just stand around, random things will happen.

Word Action
burst causes fireworks
enemy, monster, beast, squid, creature, icky, tentacle starts a battle with a domolm(one battle at a time, five battles maximum).
comet, sky, tail, blue, moon, stream, meteor causes a shooting star over the ocean.
star, twinkle causes a single star in the direct southern sky to shine brightly.
fire, camp, flames causes the campfire to release a plume of smoke (black close up, turns red when viewed at a distance)
explosion, ka-boom causes the campfire to explode with flames.
darkness, good night, lights out causes the screen to go completely black
sparkle, shimmer, dazzle, dance, razzle causes the ocean to sparkle in the moonlight.
pop, blam, pyrotechnics causes a skyward firework type 1 to launch over the ocean.
scatter, burst, boom causes a skyward firework type 2 to launch over the ocean.
cannon, barrage causes a skyward firework type 3 to launch over the ocean.
rocket, launch, roman causes a skyward firework type 4to launch over the ocean.
spinner, wheel, cyclone causes a ground spinning firework near the speaker
illumination, shower, fountain rock shoots sparkles
eerie, plasma, boo, scary, strage, odd, scream blue light spirit hovers by shrubs behind rock
hearts, love, sweet, like, cutie, honey, dearie hearts appear when someone of the opposite sex is nearby

If you die in the quest, you will be taken back to the Lab and not let back into Seaside. The woman in the lab will scold you for making the floor wet.

Monsters appearing will also drop rares according to their charts but rarely.


Credits: members of PSOW