Guides - Labyrinthine Trial

Quest: Labyrinthine Trial
Description: "A combat simulation has been prepared to help you build your team skills."
Client: Irene
Reward ???
Prerequisites: Minimum of 2 players. 4 players on ULT mode required to get all 30 capsules and achieve A rank.

Labyrinthine Trial an online VR quest, for 2 - 4 people. In this quest, you will have to work as a team and collect capsules. There are 30 in total and you need to find all of them in 15 minutes. After completion, you will then be taken to the principal and he will give you a hunter's report and a grade on your performance.

After getting your capsules or if 15 minutes are up, you will recieve your Hunters Report. Open it and talk to Irene who is now standing next to the principal. She will give you a White Ring for your supreme teamwork!

You need to get all 30 capsules on ULT to get A Rank.You also need 4 people to clear all rooms and get all capsules.

To get to the capsules with water splashing around it, walk and not run or you will be pushed back. To get to the last capsule, go back to Pioneer 2 and reenter Caves.

For every other player using a White Ring you will get an EVP boost by 25. This bonus adds up for everyone close to you. While the EVP boost is active there will be a steady feather effect surounding you. The sound when blocking is like that of a Ragol Ring & you also can only get 1 per character.


Caves 1
Separate into two groups. One group follows the green dotted dash route and the other follows the blue dotted dash route.
Meet back and follow the red dotted dash route. Gather all 29 capsules
Go to Pioneer 2
Return to Caves 1
Gather the 30th capsule
Get Hunter's Report. You'll get the White Ring if you get 30 capsules on ULT mode.
Quest cleared
Caves 2 Map

(Capsules are denoted in the map by green stars icons

1. Clear first room.

2. Team A - Blue Route

  • Right hand warp - no.3
  • Go north, pick up capsule and go east
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and go east
  • Go north, clear room pick up capsule
  • Go north, pick up capsule and head south
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and go east
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and go south
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and go east
  • One member go east and take warp.
  • The other, take south, pick up capsule, then go back and east to warp.
  • Wait for other team.
  • 3. Team B - Green Route

  • Left hand warp - no.1
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and go south
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and go south through two man door
  • Clear room, pick up capsule and head east
  • Team B splits up here.
  • 3A. Member one:

  • Go into the left hand warp - number 9
  • Clear room if Team A haven't, pick up capsule, and head south
  • Go east past pillars, pick up capsule and go back
  • Go south, pick up capsule, break rocks
  • Collect capsule from room, head south through wall and get other one. Back track to where Warp 9 took you.
  • 3B. Member two:

  • Go into the right hand warp
  • Head south, and walk slowly through the steam. Running bounces you back. Collect both capsules. Head back to warp 6, and join member one.
  • 4.Teams meet up.

    5. Clear room, pick up 3 capsules and go west into warp.

    6. Clear room, pick up capsule and open four man door.

    7. Break rocks, go north.

    8. Clear room, pick up 4 capsules, and go north. Head back to Pioneer II.

    9. Immediately warp back. Collect capsule 30.

    To get past the smoky hallways, walk and don't run.

    There are also hallways where it looks like it leads to nowhere. Check the game map and the map above for "broken" hallways. Run through them.

    Credit: Anisha__J-Hunter and Jack