Guides - Gallon's Treachery

Quest: Gallon's Treachery
Client: Gallon
Reward ???
Normal: 5,000
Hard: 10,000
V.Hard: 15,000
Ultimate: 20,000
Prerequisites: Minimum of 2 players in a team

Gallon wants you to make a movie for him so get ready! You will journey through Caves 3 and Ruins 2. Each map below is broken up to 4 key areas. You will have to do different things and go through maze like areas in pitch black darkness. Your fellow teammate however will be able to "watch" you using cameras and help tell you where to go and what to do.

A death constitutes an instant failure, and that Ryuker and Telepipes cannot be used in Garon's Treachery.

To attain the Rankina Stone, you must:

  • Clear all events safely with both/all team mates within a fast time
  • At the end of the last event, bring the Shiva stone to P2
  • Speak to the man. ???? Stone will then turn into Rankina Stone

It's useful in this quest to come equipped with a mechgun or shot type weapon or wide ranged techniques.

If you're the team leader, Garon will also give you a Jukebox (which goes into your Quest Board) so you can change the music.

BGM 1 = Sonic Adventure music
BGM 2 = NiGHTS music
BGM 3 = Burning Rangers music
BGM 4 = Chu Chu Rocket music

When you get to Ruins 2, you may notice every once in a while purplish ghosts circle around you, activate some dialouge, and push you back. There is a way to stop them from putting you back to the last 'checkpoint' you passed: When you see them in the room, DO NOT MOVE. Do not walk, do not run, do not cast techs, nothing. Eventually they will dissapear again, and won't be back right away. Strike then.

Caves 3


Point 1
First room is simple, kill untill the door to the bottom opens. Room after first room contains a switch, 9 grey boxes, and a Lilly that spawns when you enter. When the switch is thrown, the door to the Y-shape room unlocks, but 2 Lillies spawn to guard it. Kill them, and proceed. Watch out for a Confusion and Damage trap before and after the smasher. Now approach the switches before the barrier, but don't stand on them yet. Do what you can to remove the obstacles after the barrier before standing on the switches (Lv30 Zonde blew up the far rock). Now stand on them, and a wall of fire appears behind you. The fire continously moves forward, and you must get to the warp pad at the end before all members get caught by the fire (even if one gets caught, if one member makes it you get to proceed).
Point 2
This task is simple. A wall of lava appears behind you, all you have to do first, is destroy the rocks. The first rocks dont take much of a beating, but each rock has more hits to it than the previous rock. I highly reccomend Mechguns for this part. When you get to the last room of this task, enemies will spawn as you destroy the last rock (note: This rock has tons of hits to it). If you can handle it, have 1 or 2 players handle the enemies, while the other player(s) destroy the rock. As soon as the rock is destroyed, a floor pad will be revealed behind it. Stand on it, and this task is over.
Point 3
There isn't much to this task, you simply have to fight off a few waves of enemies while the camera moves. Only rule is, you must stay in the camera. If the camera moves, and you're too off screen, you will lose this task. (Note that this task contains a Pouifilly Slime and a Pan Arms)
Point 4
This task may prove difficult to some. It is in pitch black, and the AREA MAP is disabled. Note that the monitor can be used to direct your teammates. But it isn't too hard, and you get 10:00 minutes to complete it, which I found was usually more than enough time (I only ever really needed 4 minutes max). When you come into the smasher room, you will see a white switch. The switch in Room #2 activates the lights for Room #1, and the switch in the Maze Room activates the lights in the Smasher Room. Feel your way to the two floor pads, one is behind the lower-lefthand corner smasher, the other is in the upper-righthand smasher. Once the door is open, feel your way to the door and enter the maze. There will be another Momentary Light Switch. Run around untill you hit 3 of the 4 switches. Then take Warp #3, hit the last switch, and go up out the door, wary of smashers. When you reach a computer, say "Disable the Seal". This task is over.

Now you're back in the Task Room. Garon will direct your attention to the Door of No Return he pointed out earlier. Stand on the switches and the door will open to reveal... more switches. Stand on them, and you will be transported to Ruins 2.

Ruins 2


Point 1
Here, Garon will lose his connection with you. Don't worry about it, from here on out, you don't need him anymore. Then a ghost ball comes in and says a couple lines, then leaves. Proceed into the room, and fight off the enemies. This is the start of the Purple Ghost Orbs. Remember, when they appear, DO NOT MOVE, or else they will push you back to the last checkpoint. This is bad, as the area they're in is timed. Fight your way forward (wary of Confusion traps in hallways) and when you clear this area, the prized Shiva Stone is yours! Making use of what little connection he has left, Garon implores you to use the warp gate he just set, to get the stone back to him. But it won't be that easy, as taking the stone ticked off one particular ghost...
Point 2
For this area, there's a ghost orb constantly chasing you. You must not let it touch you. The ghost always tracks whomever is closest, so if he's tracking you, then a party member running past is closer, he'll start tracking them instead. Fight off the Ruins enemies, and when they're done, hit the floor switch and backtrack down to Door #1, and proceed to Next #2.
Point 3
This area is simple. There's no fighting, but you are being chased by a huge wall of fire (or is it ghost?). There are plenty of obstacles in your way, and you can't see ahead of you so be careful. Running in the middle is likely your best bet. (Note: One room has drop traps, and the last two obstacles are oscilating laser fences [one half is blocked, then the other, then the first part again])
Point 4

If any team members get caught by the Tracker Ghost, or get caught by the Wall of Fire, they will end up in the room with the rocks. If you do end up here, just focus on not letting the mist kill you.

If any members do end up there, then the member(s) who didn't get caught get presented with a choice by the ghosts:
Sacrifice the Shiva Stone to save the caught member(s),
Keep the Shiva and leave the trapped member(s).

Choice #1 sacrifices the Shiva, but the Ghost rewards you with the Fragment of Freindship.
Choice #2 ejects the caught members out of the team, and when you bring the stone back to Garon, he gets arrested.

It told me to stop the mist, but there's no way to deactivate the Poison Mist. Don't bother with the floor switches or the targetable rock piles. Just make sure the Mist doesn't kill you.

If you choose to sacrifice the shiva stone, find your friend. The ghost will then drop the Fragment of Freindship on us, and commended our freindship. Then, we finally took the warp to Pioneer 2.

Going back to Garon, he was at first outraged my friend sacrificed the Shiva to save me.

Thanks to demonscale for helping me do the quest runs, and for figuring out the secret to the Purple Ghosts."

Credit: Nambrosia