Guides - Rappy's Holiday

Quest: Rappy's Holiday
Description: "The Rappies are having a festival. Participate and get excited."
Reward ???

The rappies are having a festival and you're invited! The rappies in this quest are no ordinary rappies. The rappies here can talk and even get attacked by the other enemies in the quest. They even have fiances! This is a fun quest taking place in Forest 1 and Forest 2. In Forest 1, there will be a series of several mini games for you and your friends to enjoy and play. Play the games and do well to win points which you can use for more games or to trade for prizes. You can also buy games with Meseta. It will start at 100 meseta per point but the price will increase depending on the amount of points you already have.

To start playing the game, you need some points, so you will need to buy some using meseta from the rappy in the first area. Talk to the rappy that has 5 computers around him and buy points from him.

There is a Rappy to his left that will hold your points momentarily for you to transfer to your friend. If you give him some points, the next player that talks to him will get the points that he is holding.

There is also a Rappy in the first room that will teleport you back to Pioneer 2 when you are done.

Depending on the number of points you have accumulated in the quest, different things will happen to you while on Pioneer 2 such as, having a ring of fiery red sparkles around you like the one around the purple RAmar by the doors to the Hunter's guild, having blue ring aura around you, having a flame column behind you, and being surrounded by pretty stars and sparkles.

To access Forest 2 for Imprisoned Rappy sidequest

  1. Play the minigames and make the 4 Stamp Rally Rappies appear.
  2. Achieved either a S or SS rank in the Chicken Race game
  3. Complete the Stamp Rally minigame and get the Fragment of Friendship or have one from Gallon's Treachery handy.
If you have both the Rakonia Stone and Fragment of Friendship they will both immediately appear in your quest items.
Forest 1

Point in Map Minigame/Description Points Needed Time Limit
Point Purchase Rappy    
Rappy Festival Switch Lottery 3 points No Limit
Glow Ball Race 500 mesetas No Limit
Chicken Race 3 points No Limit
Find The Rappy 5 points 1 min 59 secs
Catch the Glow Ball 10 points 1 min 19 secs
Stamp Rally 20 points No Limit
Informant Rappy    
Fukki's Grandmother    
Point Transfer Rappy    

Rappy Festival Switch Lottery Game:
This is an easy game. Fork over the points needed and stand on one of the three switches on the ground and win a random item. A text bubble will tell you what you win. You can win anything from normal weapons to materials, including TP materials!

Glow Ball Race Game:
The objectibe of this game is to be the first to move a glow ball across the finish line/past the gate. You will get 3 of the following commands: Advance, Dash, Back and ???. Advance will move the ball forward but slowly. Dash will move the ball forward for quite a bit real quick in a dash like manner but this command can only be used 3 times in one match, so don't try to use it after the 3rd time or your ball will just barely move. Back will move the ball backwards. ??? is a random command, you'll get one of the 3 other commands! If you win once, you will get 3 points. If you win twice, you will get 5 points. If you win three times in a row, you'll get the items in the boxes and make a Stamp Rally Rappy appear. If you lose, you only get 1 point despite winning the previous races.

Chicken Race Game:
This is a fun one! You get to ride the Rappy's motorcycle and you will have to stop just at the right time and as close to the edge of the cliff as possible. The motorcycle will start moving and increasingly gets faster as it moves towards the egde of the cliff. You have to hit the brakes to stop the motorcycle at the right time just before the edge. If you stop too fast or not close enough to the edge, you will loose the game. But be careful to not fall off the edge of the cliff! There's two choices of "Stop!!" to hit the brakes. The first choice will act similar to real brakes and you'll slow down before you stop. The second choice is ultra stop-on-a-dime brakes, where you'll stop immediately. A B rank will get you 4 points, an A rank will get you 7 points and a "Stamp Rally" rappy will appear, a S rank and SS rank will let you have items in the boxes, and access the computer later, though there is no difference in the two ranks. You have to get A rank to make the "Stamp Rally" rappy appear, a S or SS rank won't do it.

Find Rappy Game:
Marvin Rappy needs you to find the Yancha brothers in a group of wandering rappies. You have to find the brothers in the right order. Find Calvin, then Kevin and finally Kolvin within the time limit. Don't speak to the wrong rappy, or your progress will be cancelled out and you will have to go back to Calvin to restart the whole process. You will get points in exchange for this game or have a "Stamp Rally" rappy will appear if you do the minigame fast enough.

There are some other rappies here. Try not to talk to Doropi since he talks a lot and will take a long time. There is also a Fukki sidequest (read below).

Catch the Glow Ball Game:
Glowing balls will start to fall from the sky in an area and will disappear soon after touching the ground. Your objective is to catch as many glow balls as you can before they disappear within the time limit. Keep running around to catch the balls and be sure to stay in the center. Be sure to catch the red or blue balls, the red will fall down faster. Blue balls are worth one point and the red balls are worth two points. If you get up to 19 points, you will get a monomate. If you get anywhere from 20-29 points, you will get 15 additional points. If you get 30 or more, you will get 20 points and a "Stamp Rally" rappy will appear.

Stamp Rally:
This is the final game that you should play once you have enough points and collect all the Stamps from the Stamp Rally Rappies for Porter the Rappy. For this, you will need to make all 4 Stamp Rally Rappies appear. To make the Stamp Rally Rappies appear, remember that you have to correctly do the Chicken Race game, Catch the Glowball game, Find the Rappy game and Glow Ball Race game. If you do each of this game correctly and meet the prerequisites to make the Stamp Rally Rappy appear, the Stamp Rally Rappy will appear in that area. Be sure to talk to it and it will give you a Stamp. Once you have all 4 stamps, go back to Porter and he will give you a "Fragment of Friendship." in exchange for the 4 stamps. Give this item to another rappy to access Forest 2 in the Find the Imprisoned Rappy sidequest.

The Rappy Informant
The Rappy Informant will guide you to the edge of the forest, beyond the area you would get to if you got S or SS rank on the Chicken race. However this way is not recomended because it costs 50 points total to do this, and you won't have access to the computer in the area of the Chicken race.

Fukki Sidequest:
Fukki the rappy in the Find the Rappy Game will ask you to deliver fruits to his grandmother. If don't have the Rankina Stone that you get from the Gallon's Treachery quest, you will get a red fruit, deliver it and get a Monomate (hold onto the red fruit too long, and it will become a rotten fruit, you can still get a Monomate for delivering this time). If you do have the stone, you will get a yellow fruit. A yellow fruit will take longer to turn rotten and delivering a rotten yellow fruit will get you a Monofluid. If you deliver the yellow fruit to Fukki's grandmother, you will get a pendant. Go to your quest log and read up on the pendant 3 times and you will find out that it's actually a screw. Take this screw to Gabbie the rappy who is into machines. Once you do that, you will get a battery. Now take the Battery to to computer terminal in the Chicken Race game. Call the master. A HUnewearl will then appear and give you a Heart of Poumn in exchange for your Stone from Gallon's Treachery. You have to play solo to get the yellow fruit and the Heart of Poumn.

Find Flat, The Imprisoned Rappy Sidequest Part 1:
Before starting on this Sidequest, make sure you have completed the Stamp Rally minigame and get the quest item, achieved either a S or SS rank in the Chicken Race game and a Fragment of Friendship from the Gallon's Treachery quest or from the earlier Stamp Rally minigame. Talk to Slope the rappy and he will tell you about Flat. Flat is Slope's fiance and Slope has been worried about Flat. Flat is supposedly off somewhere in the Forest collecting flowers.

The rappy will tell you that he heard a cry for help. You're going to find a rappy in Forest 1 being attacked by a group of monsters. Kill all of them off and talk him. He will tell you about a certain flower that has been blessed by spirits called the Rajuenda Flower and give you that flower. Now, talk to the rappy by the Chicken Race Game with the item from Stamp Rally minigame in hand and he will open a portal behind him.Go through it and activate the computer if you are ready. You will then be taken to Forest 2.

Forest 2

Find Flat, The Imprisoned Rappy Sidequest Part 2:
In Forest 2, after you go through the portal, you will notice that there are balls of fire dropping from the sky. Watch out for them since the balls will hurt you. The Rajuenda flower that you have will protect you for a short period if time. The flower will continue to take damage, and once it burns up, this quest will be over. Find the baby hildebears and talk to them. Then keep moving and killing the monsters you come across until you find the Flat the rappy by the boss area. Remember that you must have an intact Rajuenda flower to get the prize for this quest so protect the flower.

Credits: VulpesMundi and Jonathan_F