Guides - -Veg-'s Guide to Getting Episode 3 Import HL Withought Ep 1 & 2

-Veg-'s Guide to Getting Episode 3 Import HL Withought Ep 1 & 2
First, download these 2 programs from my site.
chabsign from -Veg-'s site or PSOW
NJ wordstar Japanese from -Veg-'s site or PSOW -
You Will Need:
1. A dricas account.

You have to use a programme called "CHABSIGN" which allows you to create an account on a PC.

You will also need to download the trial version of a prog called "NJstar 4.3 word proccesor", this allows you to write different types of japanese text on an english PC.

If you have a DC only, you might have to ask a friend who can get you a dricas account using a PC.

2. A US planet web browser to input the dricas info into your DC.

3. PSOv2 (japanese version), or Dreampassport 3 (Japanese web browser.)

If you have managed to get PSOv2 online, well done!!! You will not need to go through all of this.

Just pop in the japanese version of F355 and enjoy the online time attack racing.

But here is the FAQ for all you other people who want to play the japanese version of F355 online.

Creating a Dricas account

Here is the link to two excellent walkthroughs that I used to create the dricas accounts.

Just follow the pictures/instuctions and you should have no problems, although you might have to alter your user name to something obscure if you get an error registering.

Here is the text version:
Taken from

Creating a Dricas account (Text version)
Rewritten by fellow Mamak Hylozoist, this should solve a lot of headaches for everyone.
Step 1. Create a Dricas account.
Step 2. Input the dricas account into the U.S. DC via the DP3 or a US browser.
Step 3. Input the ISP using DP3.

What is the purpose of chabsign/dricas/hunter's license?
To play PSO, you must have your Dreamcast registered. This is done via the program "Chabsign" although it can be done manually via Dream Passport dialing to Japan. That method is difficult so by using your PC to work chabsign, you are able to make a dricas account. When you start up PSO with your dricas information loaded, a "Hunter's License" is created for your dricas account. You then can buy time on this license to pay for PSO.

1. Download chabsign.
2. Download NJstar Word Processor.
3. Open up chabsign, and choose "LAN" and press "N___". Then, once you get to screens full of text, choose the middle option ("N_____", becomes "A____" later) until you get to the page where you can fill out the form.
4. Open up the word processor program, and close the demo page and create a new one. The commands are just like wordpad.
5. Once a new document is opened, there are small icons with Japanese lettering on them, 4 of them next to a small keyboard icon and a up arrow icon. The middle two should be set black while the others greyed, i.e.: 1Grey 2Black 3Black 4Grey
6. With the two middle ones set black, you are typing in Kanji. Type any vowel(s) and copy and past this into the 2nd row, 1st and 2nd columns. I have made a diagram below for reference.
7. Now, grey out the middle two, and black/highlight the 1st Japanese word icon from the left. So the diagram would be: 1Black 2Grey 3Grey 4Grey. You are now typing in Katakana.
8. Again, type any vowel(s), it does not matter which or how many. Paste this into the first row, 1st and 2nd column.
9. You now select gender, birthdate, and fill out the rest of the information according to the diagram below. Make sure to choose 3 dricas account names that you will remember, if the 1st is not accepted they wil go onto the 2nd choice, etc. That will be your username.

Chabsign Form Diagram:
Note: fill out the form with anything (you can choose fake numbers, letters etc.)

(Katakana)___ (Katakana)___ Gender pulldown box
(Kanji)______ (Kanji)______ Birthdate pulldown box

Line 1: _______-_________ <--- fill with numbers (3 then 4)
Line 2: ______________ <---- address
Line 3: ______________ <---- address line 2
Line 4: ______-_______-_____ <---- numbers once again (fill up totally)
Line 5: 1____ 2_____ 3____ <---- dricas email account name requests.
Line 6: leave empty

10. Now, press the lower right button ("N") and you should go to a page where you see your accepted dricas email account name. If you recieved an error, it is probably because your name choices have already been taken. If not, then you should have:
Dricas username
Key code combination (your password)
Chabsign chatname: you can enter anything.
11. Then, just write down your username and password. If you want to retrieve POP3 Mail, you can save the POP3 and SMTP information. Press "N___" until you get to a page with the "Finish" button and you are done.

Through this you get a Isao id and password

Guide by: -VeG-