Guides - Ep 3 JP GC BBA Set Up Guide

Ep 3 JP GC BBA Set Up Guide
The following is a walkthrough for setting up your BBA in JP for the Episode 3.
Step 1

Select Options

Step 2

Select Network Options

Step 3

Select User Provider Options

Step 4


Step 5

Select Yes for info in Slot A

Step 6

Select Yes

Step 7

Select Network Setup

Step 8

Enter ISP Name/Network Info Settings

Select Edit Menu

Step 9

Enter ISP Name

Select Next

Step 10

Select Automatic, Manual or PPOE

Select Next

Step 11/Automatic

Enter IP Address Auto Settings

Select Next

Step 11/Manual

Enter IP Address Manual Settings

Select Next

Step 11/PPOE

Enter IP PPPoE Settings

Select Next

Step 12

Enter Proxy Server Address and Port Number

Select Next

Step 13

Select Save