Guides - Hunter License Set Up

Hunter License Set Up
This guide shows you how to set up your Hunter License for Episode 3 without a previous HL.
Step 1
Press Start
Step 2

Select Options
Step 3

Select Network Options
Step 4

Select Hunter License Purchase

Step 5

Select Bottom Option

Step 6

Confirm Selection
Step 7

Select Yes
Step 8

Hit OK
Step 9

Select Top Option
Step 10

Select Yes
Step 11

Click Bottom Option
Step 12

Select Either 30 or 90 Day Payment Option

Highlight Pay With Credit Card Option

Click Left Option

Step 13

Enter Serial Number and Access Key

Click Left Option

Step 14

Click Middle Option
Step 15

Fill Out Form as noted.

For Name, use any japanese characters just as long as it is Hira and Kana, respectively.

Use correct format for the address options and phone number

Click OK when done

You might be sent back to the same page, with your information still there. Click OK again and you should be sent to Step 16.


Step 16

Hit OK
Step 17

Hit OK
Step 18

Fill out Credit Card info

Click OK

Step 19

Click OK
Step 20

You are now done!

Scroll down and click on ok box below (not shown in screenshot)