Guides - Shimarisu's Guide On How To Get Into EPIII Online CARD Auctions.

Shimarisu's Guide On How To Get Into EPIII Online CARD Auctions.
When battling online you have a very small chance of getting a special card from the card packs. These are known as VIP cards and are used to open up the online auction feature in the game. If you are lucky enough to get one, you are able to use it to enter yourself and up to four freinds into the auction stage.

To enter the auction stage you hand over you're VIP card to the man in the office who say's he handles "vital affairs". This is the man located in the corner of the deck editing room. Before the actual auction begins, an equal number of points is distributed to each player. Once inside you bet points on cards that are up for auction. The player who places the highest number of points on the card up for auction wins that card. When one or more players have the same highest bid as there bid, meaning that they all placed an equal amount of points for big, no one will get the card. Either you or someone bids the highest amount or nobody get the card.

It is somewhat of a gamble however as you do not know what card will come up next. If you put all your points on the first card, the second one may end up being a lot better, but since you spent all your points on the first one, you won't be able to bid on the second one.

Please note that this is an online only feature of Episode III.

Credits: Shimarisu