Guides - Arkz Tier 01

Arkz Tier 01

Red (Intro Speech)
Thank you for coming,
I would like to start
by introducing myself,
but, things being the
way they are, I can't
reveal my real name.
People around here
like to call me
You can go ahead and
call me that, too, if
you want.
Before we get down to
the nitty-gritty here,
I want you to learn
how this facility is
set up.
The Vice Chief behind
you will be happy to
explain everything.
Go up and talk to him.

Red (After Intro Speech)
The Vice Chief behind
you will be happy to
explain everything.
Go up and talk to him.

Red (After talking to Vice Chief)
I trust you understand
our basic mission.
We have raised the flag
of resistance against
this current government,
and with the help of our
comrades, we conduct
research day and night
to build a world where
the dignity of all life
can be protected.
I want you to join us
in our mission... a commander, of
I have prepared a group
of talented individuals
for you to command.
They should be on
standby right now, so
feel free to say hello.
I also have your first
assignment ready to go.
The Vice Chief behind
you has all the info
on the location and
other details.
Well, best of luck! I'm
looking forward to your
successes in the future.
The quest First Battle
has been added.

Red (After Mission given)
The Vice Chief behind
you has all the info
on the location and
other details.
Well, best of luck! I'm
looking forward to your
successes in the future.

Vice Chief
You must be <NAME>.
Thank you for coming.
I'd like to start by
explaining the setup of
this facility.
This place is known as
It's where we carry out
research on C.A.R.D.
that you will be using
in your missions.
If you'd like to know
more about the science
involved here,
it'd be best to ask a
researcher down below.

Vice Chief (After speaking once)
Do you understand what
this facility is used
for now?
In that case, report to
Red. He wants to have a
word with you.

Vice Chief (After speaking to Red again)
Generally speaking,
Chief Red gives out
mission assignments,
and you carry them out.
This mission is in
Mortis, where an
earthquake just occurred,
creating geysers which
spew out hot water
from underground.
The government has been
overdeveloping the entire
and we believe this
quake was due to some
sort of accident.
Proceed to the area,
discover the cause, and
stop their development.

Vice Chief (After Mission Briefing)
You can check up on
your missions
over at the Entry
The counter allows you
to select missions and
choose team members.
Once you leave this
Command Room,
you'll see the Central
Control Room, where
your team members are.
Go down the corridor
there, and you'll find the
Entry Counter on the
left-hand side.
Just look for the blue
line; it'll take you
right to the counter.
Good luck, <NAME>.

Well, nice to meet you,
Have you taken a look
around R-Base yet?
We have to make do with
a lot less than we had
on Pioneer 2,
but I'm not about to let
the Hunters beat us!

You don't have to worry
about guard duty. I'm
handling that.
The right man for
the right job!
That's the rule of the
Arkz, you know.

Have you met Red yet?
I think he's in the
Command Room across
the hall, but if you're
done with talking to
your team, you may
want to see him again.

So you're finally ready
to be deployed...
The Entry Counter is on
the other side of this
Your first option,
"Map/Quest," is what you
use to pick your orders.
The "Rules" option
lets you alter battle
conditions to an extent.
Finally, "Deck Select"
lets you choose your
team members' decks.
If everything is all
right, then select
Once you do, your chosen
team members will head to
the mission area.

Leave the security
around here to me. I can handle this
much by myself!

BEEP! Arkz cards are
slightly different from
the Pioneer 2 lab types.
The Hunters use weapon
and armor data for their
but the Arkz use data
from the creatures that
live on Ragol. BEEP!

BEEP! We lack a lot
of item data here,
so you can't restore
any items.
But, you are allowed
to restore creature data
that you discover out
on the field...
You can't equip Creature
Cards, but there's no
need to be disappointed!
Use them right, and
you'll learn lots of new
strategies. BEEP!

BEEP! Fill your deck
with high-cost creatures,
and you'll have a speedy
and powerful arsenal at
your disposal!
But, too many of them
makes for an unbalanced
deck, so be careful!
Decks filled with low-
cost creatures, on the
other hand,
are steady performers
that let you break out
lots of attacks!
Watch out, though! Using
too many will cut down
your mobility!
You can make any kind of
Deck you want, of
course! BEEP!
Each member's abilities
play a big part! So
watch your costs! BEEP!

BEEP! Cards?
C.A.R.D. Technology was
discovered in a lab
over on Pioneer 2.
The technology was
discovered completely
by accident,
but as I'm sure you know
now, the Pioneer 2
government has been
fighting a fierce battle
behind the scenes over
it. BEEP!
We in the Arkz spun away
from Pioneer 2 and moved
down to Ragol,
where we built this
research facility and
succeeded in developing
C.A.R.D. Technology for
our own goals. BEEP!

BEEP! Do you think that
using these Creature
Cards would make us
just as bad as the
government? It's not
actually like that.
See, the only thing on
our cards here is some
creature data.
It's not like there's a
real creature inside.
We aren't forcing them
to fight for us! BEEP!
So, we're not like the
Understand? BEEP!

We Arkz are in a
struggle against the
but did you know that
many of the
researchers here
used to work at Pioneer
2 laboratories...?
There's more of them
than you'd think.

If the government knew
we were here, they'll
be hunting us right now.
I, myself, am not
worried about becoming
their enemy, though.
What we're trying to
It's worth it.

Trading Girl
This is a Card
Trading Machine. You can use both
terminals to trade
You'll need more than
one person, though.
Don't forget that!
'Course, you'd have to
be pretty dumb to forget,

Deck Building Girl
This is the Card
Maintenance Room.
Here, you adjust your
Decks before heading
off to battle.
Make a good Deck and
smash the Hunters for
us, okay?

Are you a commander?
That's so coooool!
I bet it's hard to lead
your team and all,
but hang in there!

Card Shop Boy
I'm so busy, so busy...
I joined the Arkz 'cause
they said the work would
be easier...
...Turns out it's not
much different from

Ratts (First Time)
I'm Ratts. I love cider,
and I love toys.
What? What did you say?
You want me to give you
some advice on how to
use cards!?
Well, if you need a
lesson, go meet me in
offline Battle Mode.
I'll give you some
personal "one-on-one"

If you need me to teach
you a lesson, go to
offline Battle Mode.

Ratts (With Ratts' Autograph)
Hey you, isn't that my
autograph, you're...
Oh <NAME>!
Sorry about last time.
But look, I've found the
With this, you're
officially my disciple
This shall be your
proof! I present you
with this card!
Got Akiko's Frying Pan!
Remember, as my
disciple, you must
do your best every day!

Ratts (After recieving card)
Continue to do your
best each and every day
as my disciple!

Old Woman
Oh, my! Hold on!!
You know what? I know
all about you!
You're <NAME>,
the new commander who
just arrived, right?
I'm hearing quite a lot
of good things about
you, you know?
Too bad everyone else
isn't more like you.
But haven't you ever
thought about doing
something else?
You know, not just
limiting yourself to
Red's requests,
but working a little
closer to the people,
on personal requests?
Well, if you ever want to
help, just let me know
any time, all right?

Endu (First Time)
Are you Commander
My name's Endu.
Nice to meet you!
Hmm, so you're
the guy...
Well, anyway, good to
work with you,

By the way, have you
met Red yet?
He's a pretty mysterious
guy, I'd say.
It's like he's surrounded
in secrets. I don't even
know his real name.
I feel like I'll find
out something bad if I
start to investigate...

Well, I guess there's
something a little
fishy about all of us.
Lots of people in the
Arkz are hiding one
thing or another.

Lura (First Time)
My name is Lura.
I'm always teamed
up with Break.
We'll be helping each
other out a lot, so
nice to meet you!

Break? What about him?
You don't think that
he's rude,
do you, <NAME>?
He's just sticking
strong to his beliefs,
more than other people,
and it's not like he
means any harm.
So don't take it
personally, please?

I mean, really,
Break is... well,

Break (First Time)
Are you the
new commander?
... I'm sorry. I just
thought, hey, you're
pretty young.

My name is... Wilm Break.
My friends call me Break.
You can call me
what ever you want.
I don't care any way.

Let's get one thing
straight first. Just
because you're the boss,
that doesn't mean I plan
to follow your orders
like an obedient dog.
If I think your orders
are correct, then I'll
follow them,
but if I don't, then
I'll go whichever way
I think is best.
I'm the only one who
can protect myself on
the battlefield.
You should approach
battle the same way

... I'm sorry if you
think I'm being rough.
... That's just the way
I feel.

Break (In Front of Counter Door)
This is your first
battle as a commander,
isn't it?
Let me explain how
this device works.
Listen carefully.
This is an
Entry Counter.
It's a device that lets
you dispatch your team
to missions across Ragol.
This system's meant for
card battles, though...
So you can't dispatch
your team without making
a Deck for them first.
You can create Decks in
the room up the incline
on the left-hand side.
I think most of your
missions will come from
Red himself...
when orders come
along, they'll be
registered here.
Once they do, all you
have to do is go up
to this machine,
choose who to send, and
choose where to send
... Easy, right?
Now, you give it a shot.
Choose a mission and
send a dispatch order to
anyone on your team...
Lura, Endu, anyone
is fine for now.
See you later.