Guides - Beach Laughter

Quest: Beach Laughter
Description: "Give life to the Rappys!"
Client: ???
Reward: Black Ring and 5 Photon Spheres
Prerequisites: Collect the 10 hearts(Max Attack 1) and 12 Masters(Max Attack 2)

In this quest you'll start out on Pioneer 2. You won't need any weapons or items for this quest, so don't worry about having to go to the checkroom. Head to the Lab and take the teleporter down to the Seaside Area. It'll be night time and a bit depressing.

Venture out and you'll see Rappys here and there. They'll be a lot of talk about sad and lonely things and about how they can't hear their "Master"s song.

Head southeast and you'll find a lone Rappy out by the water. Talk to him(Master) and you'll be given the choice to convey words to him. These are what you need to choose:

"On the hill"
"Through my body is"
"I feel envious"

A short music video will ensue. Once it's done you'll be brought back to the beach and you'll see that all the Rappys are happy. From the beach head northeast and find the Rappy known as "Sister". You'll be rewarded with a Black Ring and 5 Photon Spheres.

The Talking Rock
If you do not want to use the guide's answers to inspire the Rappy by the ocean, you could do it the old-fashioned way by using the talking rock. To get to the rock, follow the first hallway into the big room with a lot of Rappies. Turn to the north, and you should see another hallway. Follow that hallway, and turn to the left again to see a Rappy standing next to a rock. Examine the rock. A number followed by words should roll slowly up the screen. The number shows where the words go when you are inspiring the Rappy, and each character ''hears'' a different phrase. Talk to people in the lobbies and elsewhere to figure out how to inspire the Rappy by the sea.

The Casino Machine
The Casino Machine, also present in this quest, is linked to the Lucky Tickets and the Maximum Attack quests. To get to the Machine, look for a Rappy standing near the doorway of the talking rock room. The Casino Machine is behind the Rappy. There are two games you can play on the Casino Machine, and both of the games cost 10 Lucky Tickets to play. The points you win from this machine go toward your Maximum Attack 1 and Maximum Attack 2 totals.

Button Mashing
This game is just like the button-mashing game in Gallon's shop. You get ten seconds to hit the button as many times as you can. For every button you hit while playing this game, you get one point for Maximum Attack 1 and Maximum Attack 2.

High and Low
In this game, the computer displays a number. You must guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the current number. If you are correct, you win 200 points towards your Maximum Attack 1 and Maximum Attack 2 totals.

Credit goes to Sef for this guide.