Guides - PSOBB Team Points Overview

Donating Rares
Teams can donate rares to their team to unlock special bonuses, for instance:
  • 20/40/70/100 Team Member Limit
  • Team Flag
  • Dressing Room
    Each rare's point level is based on it's rarity by stars, and each point value is below. NOTE: The Musashi is the exception to the chart below and gives 10 points for being a 9-star rare.
  • 9 Star Rares 1pt
    10 Star Rares 10 pts
    11 Star Rares 50 pts
    12 Star Rares 100 pts
    S-Ranks 5 pts
    PSOBB Monthly Bonuses
    If at the end of the month you are the team with the highest amount of points, you will get a special bonus of more team points. The bonus is ranked on what ranking you have at the end of the month. The following chart explains the bonus with rankings.
    1st 300pt 11th 40pt
    2nd 210pt 12th 35pt
    3rd 160pt 13th 30pt
    4th 130pt 14th 25pt
    5th 110pt 15th 20pt
    6th 90pt 16th 18pt
    7th 80pt 17th 16pt
    8th 70pt 18th 14pt
    9th 60pt 19th 12pt
    10th 50pt 20th 10pt
    Spending Team Points
    Teams can purchase team expansions and bonuses as mentioned above. For team limit expansions, you can jump limits. For instance, let's say you have 9,000 points and you have not purchased Member Limit 40. You can jump to the 70 Member limit. 'To the Center of the Disaster' and the 'Commander Blade' are not available to PSOBB US at the moment.
    Team Flag 2800 points
    Dressing Room 3000 points
    Member Limit 20 (3 Leaders) 1500 points
    Member Limit 40 (5 Leaders) 4000 points
    Member Limit 70 (8 Leaders) 9000 points
    Member Limit 100 (10 Leaders) 18000 points
    To the Center of the Disaster 3000 points
    Commander Blade 8000 points

    Guide by Getintothegame.