Guides - Phantasmal World #1

Quest: Phantasmal World #1
Description: Vast number of monsters have appeared on Gal Da Val Island. Destroy them.
Client: Principal
Reward: Meseta (Depends on difficulty)
Prerequisites: None
Overview: The goal of this quest is to activate the security consoles at the end of Jungle North and Seaside. Each area is fairly short, but there are a large number of enemies and mini-bosses. Also, the final room for each area features a unique camera view with several mini-bosses being included in the final enemy wave. These areas can be played in any order. However, this guide will assume that you are starting with Jungle North. Once both areas have been cleared, warp back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the Principal. After that, talk to Nol to receive your Lucky Coins. The number of Lucky Coins you receive will be based on the difficulty level. On Normal through Very Hard, you will only receive one Lucky Coin for completing the quest. For Ultimate, the number of coins you receive will be equal to the number of players in your team. Finally, there are a number of hidden Sinow Spigell in this quest. Scroll to the bottom to see how to make them appear.

About These Maps
On the maps below, the path the player should take is denoted by a red line. Doors and laser fences that are opened by pressing a button are also marked. Please note that switches are represented with circles and fences/doors with ellipsoids. Colors are used to indicate which switch opens which door/fence. Doors/fences that are opened as a result of clearing the room of enemies are not marked. Since it would be impractical to label every single box, a green box is used to denote a group of boxes in certain places. Finally, damage, confuse, slow, and shock traps are denoted using a generic Damage Trap icon. Claw and laser fence traps receive their own icons due to their unique nature. Like the box icon, a single trap icon may denote multiple traps of the same type.
Jungle Area North

  1. A Mericarol will appear by the doorway to the next room.
  2. A warp and set of boxes will appear after clearing the room.
  3. Two Mericarol will appear after a few waves.
  4. Three Mericarol will appear in this room. Also, the camera will zoom in very tightly on the back of your character while clearing this room. It will revert back to normal after the room is cleared.
Seaside Area

  1. Two Gi Gue will appear at opposite ends of the room after a couple of waves. They will not appear at the same time. Rather, they come in consecutive waves.
  2. During the last enemy wave, a Gi-Gue will appear here. Also, a line of damage traps runs the length of the northern portion of the room with several claw traps appearing in the south part.
  3. Shortly before reaching the warp, a Gi-Gue will appear.
  4. This is a large room with numerous waves of enemies and a unique camera view. As you run around, the camera view will change to focus on the portion of the room where you are currently fighting. Also, numerous Gi-Gue will appear at various times. If the fighting proves to be too intense, take the C-warp to reach a small room with a healing ring.
  5. Activate the console and take the warp back to Jungle North. There, you can take the warp back to Pioneer 2. Remember to talk to Nol so you will receive your Lucky Coins!
Hidden Sinow Spigells
There are several hidden Sinow Spigells in this quest. They will only spawn under very specific circumstances. The following is a brief set of instructions for making each Sinow Spigell appear:
  • Run into the hallway that ends in a dead-end off room 1. This will cause a Sinow Spigell to spawn in the first room.
  • In the room after the A warp, walk into the narrow walkway beside the boxes. The Sinow Spigell will spawn by the boxes.
  • Run past the Exit warp to Seaside into the first room and then back in the hallway, the Sinow Spigell will appear at the top of the hallway.
  • In the first room of Jungle, walk into the secret area containing the Star Atomizers. The Sinow Spigell will appear in that room. NOTE: This Sinow Spigell will only spawn after Jungle has been cleared.
  • In Jungle, run back to the starting warp and walk past it until you reach the Northern most tip on that peninsula. A Sinow Spigell will appear to the south of you. NOTE: This Sinow Spigell will only spawn after Jungle has been cleared.
  • In Seaside, take the hallway at the start that leads to a deadend. The Sinow Spigell will spawn near the start of the hallway.
Enemy Counts
Enemy Jungle Seaside Grand Total
Merillia 53 25 78
Meriltas 25 16 41
Mericarol 6 0 6
Ul Gibbon 23 19 42
Zol Gibbon 11 9 20
Gee 52 67 119
Gi Gue 0 12 12
Sinow Berill 17 9 26
Sinow Spigell 7 1 8
Guide by Ryna. Special thanks goes to Tycho for the enemy counts, psobsesser for helping with runs, and Saffran for the Sinow Spigell information.