Guides - Maximum Attack 3

Quest: Netcash Cup: Maximum Attack 3
Description: Kill the enemies to earn points and prizes.
Client: Principal
Reward: ou'll earn points based on the number of enemies your team is able to kill in this quest. Here is a breakdown of how many points you get:
-500+ Kills = 30 Points
-450 Kills =  20 Points
-350 Kills = 15 Points

You can redeem these points in a seperate quest by playing a Rappy Roulette game. It costs 10 points to play the game. Here is a list of prizes you can win from this game: Scape Doll, Material, Photon Drop, Photon Crystal, Wedding Dress, and Dress Plate.

Also, you can earn the following prizes based on your overall performance:
-Milestone Prize: Crazy Tune
-Best Time Attack Score: Present Ticket
-Most Cumulative Kills: Great Bouquet
Prerequisites: None
Overview: Like every other Maximum Attack quest, the goal of this one is to kill as many enemies as possible within the 30 minute time limit. As you repeat the quest, your point total will accumulate. Also, you will be contributing to the overall cumulative total. As certain milestones are crossed by the player based, special bonuses, such as increased drop rates, maybe unlocked.

Maximum Attack 3 starts off in Crater West. You'll proceed toward the last room of this area and gather around the terminal. Once all of your party members have arrived, activate it and you will be teleported to Crater Interior. In Crater Interior, your party will have to decide which Subterranean Desert warp to take. Your party will have to gather around the appropriate terminal to activate it. This mechanism prevents your party from splitting up to cover multiple Subterranean Desert levels. Fight your way to the end of the Desert level your party chose and activate the terminal. This will end the current run. You will be teleported back to Pioneer 2 where your score will be registered.

Given the large number of possible paths a person/team can take in this quest, it is impossible to give any definitive recommendations. The paths you choose to take will depend on the difficulty and your teammates' levels. This guide will make recommendations based on the routes that are the most popular and yield the most enemies.

Depending on which Subterranean Desert route you take, the maximum number of kills you can get per stage will vary. Here is a breakdown based on which Subterranean Desert route your party takes:
-Subterranean Desert 1 - 510
-Subterranean Desert 2 - 567
-Subterranean Desert 3 - 537


About These Maps
On the maps below, the recommended primary path the player should take is denoted by a red line. Depending on the route your team chooses to take, you may have to split up. In situations like this, the primary path will still be marked with a red line. The path to cover the other rooms will be represented with a blue line. There is one place in Subterranean Desert 1 where your team may have to split up into three group. The third path is marked with a dark green line.

Doors and laser fences that are opened by pressing a button are also marked. Please note that switches are represented with circles and fences/doors with ellipsoids. Colors are used to indicate which switch opens which door/fence. Doors/fences that are opened as a result of clearing the room of enemies are not marked. Since it would be impractical to label every single box, a green box is used to denote a group of boxes. Finally, traps, including damage, confuse, slow, and shock, are denoted using a generic Damage Trap icon. Like the box icon, a single trap icon may denote multple traps.

Crater West

  1. Press this switch to unlock an extra room in the Last Room.
  2. If you press this switch, it will unlock a fence  in Crater Interior that will let you go counter-clockwise in that area.
  3. Press this switch to unlock the final room in Crater Interior. This room has a 3 Dorphon spawn.
Crater Interior

  1. Before proceeding through this level, your team will have to choose the warp they want to take. When you have 4 people on your team, you can let one player go counter-clockwise and kill the spawns in the last 2 rooms. Also, all 4 players can go counter-clockwise for a short version of Crater Interior. The team will have to use the Desert 2 or 3 warps if they choose to do that. You will miss about 100 enemies, but it maybe necessary to this on Ultimate.
  2. You can sneak past this fence from the left side. This will allow you to clear Crater Interior without fighting any enemies.
Subterranean Desert 1

  1. Depending on the number of players you have on your team, you may want to split up here to kill all the enemies. The blue route features several strong enemies, so you will want to send the strongest player here. Also, there is a Girtablulu in the last room.
Subterranean Desert 2 - Solo

  1. If you are running low on time, activate the pillar, take the warp, and head for the goal.
  2. If you are running low on time, activate this pillar and head for the goal.
  3. This warp will take you to an extra room with several enemies. You may want to ignore it.
Subterranean Desert 2 - Multiplayer

  1. Depending on the situation, you may want to split up in this room. If you are running low on time, follow the red path to get to the goal.
  2. This warp will take you to an extra room with several enemies. You may want to ignore it depending on how things are going.
Subterranean Desert 3

  1. The blue path is the fastest of the two routes. However, you will miss lots of enemies if you take it. Also, the dark room is very dangerous. If you accidently warp into the dark room, take the quick sand trap back to the start. Otherwise, send your strongest team member to clear our the room, if they can handle it.
Enemy Counts
Enemy Crater West Crater Interior
Boota 35 11
Ze Boota 25 13
Ba Boota 25 24
Sand Rappy 27 11
Satellite Lizard 41 17
Yowie 29 21
Astark 40 16
Zu 11 9
Dorphon 3 7
TOTAL 235 129
Boxes 26 0
Subterranean Desert
Enemy Desert 1 Desert 2 Desert 3
Goran 35 42 20
Pyro Goran 25 40 36
Goran Detonator 10 3 19
Merissa A 18 46 36
Sand Rappy 17 23 7
Satellite Lizard 17 16 18
Yowie 17 30 19
Zu 8 3 15
Girtablulu 1 0 3
TOTAL 148 203 173
Boxes 12 6 60

Guide assembled by Ryna. Credit goes to Saffran for providing the raw maps and information necessary to make this guide.