Guides - The Beak's Cafe

Quest: The Beak's Cafe
Description: The rappies have opened a very strange cafe...
Client: Unknown
Reward: Depending on the roulette game you play, you can win one of the following: Scape Doll, Material, Photon Drop, Photon Crystal, Wedding Dress, or Dress Plate.
Prerequisites: None
Overview: This is the reward quest for Maximum Attack 3. You earn tickets in that quest and spend them on the roulette games in this one. So far, there have been two versions of this quest. In the first version, only the Crater area is available. It was eventually replaced with a version that had the Crater and Subterranean Desert 3 levels.

When you warp down from Pioneer 2, you'll start in the Southeastern corner of a room in Crater. There will be several Rappies that you can talk to. The main attraction in this area is the first roulette game - which is discussed in the next paragraph. Also, be sure to talk to the Rappy Guru. He has some humorous lines. After you are finished here, you can take the warp to Subterranean Desert 3, depending on the version of the quest you are playing.  You'll find the second roulette game - which is explained later in this guide - at the north end of this room.  Once you are done with the roulette game, you can take the warp back to Pioneer 2.

The first roulette game can be found in the southern portion of the Crater area room. It costs 10 tickets to play the game. Depending on the outcome of the role, you may win one of the following: 4th Place: Scape Doll
3rd Place: Random Material
2nd Place: Photon Drop
First Place: Photon Crystal

The Photon Crystal is the desired prize here since you can use it in the "Deal with Black Paper" quest to earn a rare weapon.

The second roulette game can be found in Subterranean Desert 3. This roulette game is very unique. Saffran described it like this: "The new roulette costs 20 tickets. It's a kind of puzzle game. It certainly helps to have the sound on. You must guess a number between 123 and 987. These numbers can't have the same digit at several places, ie there's no 111 or 242 or 866. Only 123, 145, 628, etc. You have 5 tries to get the right number. Which probably means that there are 5 prizes. If your guess entails one digit that is right AND at the right place, the Rappy will say Strike! If your guess entails a digit that is right BUT NOT at the right place,he'll say Ball! Example: let's say the answer is 123 and you said 321. The rappy will say 'Strike 1, Ball 2' there is a visual help too when the roulette works, so you can guess which digit was right and which wasn't."

Here are the prizes for this roulette game:
5th Place: Scape Doll
4th Place: 3 Materials
3rd Place: Photon Drop
2nd Place: 3 Photon Crystals
1st Place: Dress Plate (male character) or Wedding Dress (female character). You can only win one per character. If you obtain this level again after winning one of the aforementioned prizes, you will win 10 Photon Crystals!


About These Maps
On the maps below, doors that cannot be opened are marked using a red rounded rectangle. Numbers in yellow blocks indicate a point of interest. You can read the details about each point of interest in the walkthrough that is available below the map.


1. You can find the "Rappy Guru" here. He has some humorous lines.
2. The first roulette game. It costs 10 tickets to play.
3. In the first version of this quest, there is a giant wall here. It was removed in the second version, thus allowing you to go to Subterranean Desert 3.

Subterranean Desert 3

1. The second roulette game. Refer to the notes at the start of this guide to see how to play it.

Guide assembled by Ryna. Credit goes to Saffran for providing the raw maps and information necessary to make this guide.