Guides - Phantasmal World #3

Quest: Phantasmal World #3
Description: Vast numbers of monsters have appeared on Gal Da Val Island. Destory them.
Client: Principal
Reward: Meseta (Depends on the Difficulty)
Prerequisites: None
Overview: This is a challenging quest set in Seabed. You start out in Upper Seabed and fight your way through to the end of Lower Seabed. The last room in each area features numerous waves of enemies. Once Lower Seabed has been cleared, activate the security console, take the warp back to Pioneer 2, and talk to the Principal. Be sure to talk to Nol to receive your Lucky Coins. The number of Lucky Coins you receive will be based on the difficulty level. On Normal through Very Hard, you will only receive one Lucky Coin for completing the quest. For Ultimate, the number of coins you receive will be equal to the number of players in your team. You can use Lucky Coins to acquire items and weapons in Gallon's Quest.

Do not take this quest lightly. The last room in Lower Seabed is among the most difficult in Phantasy Star Online. You will die if you are careless.

Barrier Field Description
Given the difficulty of Phantasmal World 3, Sonic Team decided to incorporate a gameplay mechanism called the "Barrier Field." You can use the Barrier Field to achieve invincibility for a short period of time on command. Depending on the level of your character and the team's composition, you may need the Barrier Field to survive the last rooms in each area.

There are two locations on the Seabed Upper are where you can buy Barrier Fields. In order to access the first location, you must have four players on your team. The second location requires two people. Each Barrier Field costs 10,000 meseta. You can purchase up to three of them from the 4-player terminal. The two player terminal only allows you to purchase one. Once you've purchased a Barrier Field, a new icon will show up on your action palette. Press the appropriate button to activate the Barrier Field. Remember that if you purchase a Barrier Field, it can only be used in Phantasmal World 3. Also, you cannot "stock up" on Barrier Fields for use in future runs. You must use them in the current instance of the quest. To prevent yourself from accidently using the Barrier Field, you can suspend the option by going into the Quest Board menu. Once you are ready to use a Healing Barrier, you can re-enable it. Suspending the Healing Barrier also restores your original action palette choice. Please note that you cannot suspend the Healing Barrier system in mid-use.

Helpful Tips
  • Be ready for the unexpected. Enemies will often appear in hallways. This is especially true if you are backtracking through the stage.
  • Even though Morfos may seem relatively harmless, they pose a huge risk for high-level players. Depending on your current max HP, your character will not fall down when hit by a Morfos laser beam. As such, a character can die very quickly if there are multiple Morfos in the room. Remember that Morfos are weak to Megid.
  • A Morfos's laser beam cannot hit you if you do not see it spawn. If you can attack it without letting it appear screen, it will still be unable to hit you. You can use this to your advantage in certain rooms.
  • Unlike a regular Seabed stage, most Deldepths appear in Lower Seabed. Be sure to bring a Cure/Freeze along if you play this quest on Ultimate!
  • Before entering the final room, use a Photon Blast in combination to gain a high-level Shifta/Deband.
  • In the last room, your party may want to leave one Recobox alive for a while. This will delay the appearance of certain enemy waves.

About These Maps
On the maps below, the path the player should take is denoted by a red line. For the purpose of this guide, it is assumed that the player will head directly toward the exit. Doors and laser fences that are opened by pressing a button are also marked. Please note that switches are represented with circles and fences/doors with ellipsoids. Colors are used to indicate which switch opens which door/fence. Doors/fences that are opened as a result of clearing the room of enemies are not marked. Since it would be impractical to label every single box, a green box is used to denote a group of boxes in certain places. Finally, damage, confuse, slow, and shock traps are denoted using a generic Damage Trap icon. Claw and laser fence traps receive their own icons due to their unique nature. Like the box icon, a single trap icon may denote multiple traps of the same type.

Upper Seabed


  1. This room features numerous waves of enemies. Make sure you are prepared before entering it. If you are using a Ranger character, you may want to stand on top of the ramps so you are not hit by the Morfos's laser beams.
  2. If a player runs back to the health ring, three Delbiters will appear.
Lower Seabed

  1. You will fight several waves of Deldepths in the next room. If you are playing on Ultimate, have an Android use a freeze trap on each wave. Once the Deldepths are eliminated, several boxes containing Star Atomizers will appear.
  2. The first wave in this room consists of three Delbiters. Stand on the ramps so they cannot attack you. Several Sinow appear after this.
  3. Before you enter take this warp, make sure your team is well-prepared. The next room features several vicious waves of enemies. It would be helpful to do a Photon Blast combination here to gain a high level Shifta/Deband. Also, you have easy access to a Healing Ring in the next room. If you run low on traps or TP, it would be wise to use it. Just remember to announce your intention to briefly exit the battle so your teammates will not be surprised by your disappearance.
  4. Activate the security console and take the warp back to Pioneer 2.
Enemy Counts
Enemy Upper Seabed Lower Seabed Grand Total
Dolmolm 64 36 100
Dolmdarl 31 26 57
Recobox 12 10 22
Sinow Zoa 13 17 30
Sinow Zele 5 12 17
Deldepth 1 21 22
Morfos 19 25 44
Delbiter 7 14 21

Credit goes to Kef for providing the enemy count for this quest. Guide compiled by Ryna.