Guides - Phantasmal World #4

Quest: Phantasmal World #4
Description: Vast numbers of monsters have appeared on Gal Da Val Island. Destory them.
Client: Principal
Reward: Meseta (Depends on the Difficulty)
Prerequisites: None
Overview: This Phantasmal World quest is set in East and West Tower. Your team starts on the first floor of East Tower. After Easter Tower has been cleared, you will be teleported to the first floor of West Tower. Once West Tower has been cleared, activate the security console, take the warp back to Pioneer 2, and talk to the Principal. Be sure to talk to Nol to receive your Lucky Coins. The number of Lucky Coins you receive will be based on the difficulty level. On Normal through Very Hard, you will only receive one Lucky Coin for completing the quest. For Ultimate, the number of coins you receive will be equal to the number of players in your team. You can use Lucky Coins to acquire items and weapons in Gallon's Quest.

This is considered by many to be one of the hardest quests on Phantasy Star Online. Most of the enemies you fight in this quest can cast Megid or have a one-hit kill move. It is very easy to die multiple times in a single run, even if you are an experienced high-level player. If you are a Blue Burst player, it is easy to lose a lot of experience playing this quest.

Vending Machines
One thing to keep in mind about this quest is that you cannot use telepipes. However, there are vending machines located throughout the quest that you can use to buy items. These vending machines offer a full assortment of healing items - including Star Atomizers - at slightly higher prices than what you would find at the Item Store. You can use these vending machines to replenish your item supply. Also, they can be useful if you are a mag farmer. Here are the vending machine prices for each healing item:
  • Monomate - 75 Meseta
  • Dimate - 450 Meseta
  • Trimate - 3000 Meseta
  • Monofluid - 150 Meseta
  • Difluid - 750 Meseta
  • Trifluid - 5400 Meseta
  • Sol Atomizer - 450 Meseta
  • Moon Atomizer - 530 Meseta
  • Star Atomizer - 7500 Meseta

The Blessing
This quest incorporates a gameplay mechanism called the "Blessing." You can use the Blessing to achieve invincibility for a short period of time. It will even allow you to survive Megid. Given the difficulty of Phantasmal World 4, your team will definitely be making heavy use of it.

The Blessing system in this quest works differently than in Phantasmal World 3. In East Tower, once you activate the switch on the first floor, you will receive the Blessing at regular intervals of time. Once you reach West Tower, you will have to trigger another switch on the first floor. After that switch has been triggered, orbs of light will start appearing at set locations on each floor. If you attack an orb of light, everyone in the immediate vicinity of it will receive temporary invincibility. Accordingly, you have to be careful not to shoot the orb accidently. Try to gather your entire team around one before attacking it. Since the effect of a Blessing carries over between floors, you can use this to your advantage in certain situations where several enemies appear near the beginning of the next floor.

Helpful Tips
  • There is not much use in raising your EDK to be able to survive a Del Lily's Megid. To survive it, you will have to sacrifice all of your other elemental resistances. Considering that Epsilon's Rafoie blast can do 1500 damage to a person with 0 EFR on Ultimate, stunning Del Lilys and dodging their Megid is a better strategy. Also, remember that EDK will not protect you from a Mericarol's attack. It is generally better to equip some Cure units.
  • A weapon with a Demon special can be useful in defeating enemies quickly, especially if you are using a human character with a lot of ATA.
  • If you are running low on supplies, be sure to use the vending machines. You will only be able to return to Pioneer 2 at the start of East and West Tower. Vending machines are also a good way to replenish your Star Atomizer supply.
  • Be sure to use the Blessing system! The Blessings will protect you from Megid and other one-hit kill moves. Just remember to gather your teammates around an orb before you use one in West Tower.
  • A Snow Queen is a nice weapon to have on the last floors of East and West Tower, especially when waves of multiple Ill Gill start showing up.
  • Androids are invaluable in this quest due to their freeze traps. A good time to use one is when multiple Ill Gill or Mericarol show up.
  • If multiple Del Lilys show up, try standing near one to activate its melee attack. You can attack the other Del Lily using a handgun or rifle.
  • Try to keep your health at maximum at all times. Several enemies in this quest can do 900+ damage with a single attack.

About These Maps
On the maps below, the path the player should take is denoted by a red line. Doors and laser fences that are opened by pressing a button are also marked. Please note that switches are represented with circles and fences/doors with ellipsoids. Colors are used to indicate which switch opens which door/fence. Doors/fences that are opened as a result of clearing the room of enemies are not marked. Since it would be impractical to label every single box, a green box is used to denote a group of boxes in certain places. Finally, damage, confuse, slow, and shock traps are denoted using a generic Damage Trap icon. Claw and laser fence traps receive their own icons due to their unique nature. Like the box icon, a single trap icon may denote multiple traps of the same type.

1F - East Tower


Before you do anything else, turn around and activate the Blessing. Clear the traps and kill the Ill Gill. Move up to spawn the first Gibbles, but don't go too far. Otherwise, the second Gibbles will spawn. Let the first Gibbles come to you. After dispatching the Gibbles, be sure to stun the Del Lily before it can cast Megid. You can then eliminate the last Gibbles.

Enemy Waves (in order)
  1. 1 x Ill Gill
  2. 2 x Gibble
  3. 1 x Del Lily
  4. 1 x Gibbles
2F - East Tower


There are two waves of Gi-Gue on this floor. Take care to avoid the saw traps.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Gi-Gue
  2. 3 x Gi-Gue
3F - East Tower


Two of the six Recoboxes on this floor spawn Recons. As a general rule, do not stand beside a wall if Recons are flying around. If a Recon attack you, you will not be pushed back by its attack and it will one-hit kill you. The solo Ill Gill will constantly charge you despite its current HP. You can stand on the lower portion of the stage and finish it off with a gun-type weapon. Also, the medical vending console makes its first appearance. Be sure to use the Blessing near the floor's exit.

Enemy Waves
  1. 6 x Recobox, 1 x Ill Gill
4F - East Tower


If you were stalled by the previous floor's exit, two Mericarol will have already spawned near the entrance of this floor. If you do not have the Blessing active, make sure at least each Mericarol has someone attacking it to stun it. Drop a freeze trap if one is needed. You can use a weapon with rifle-range to kill the Mericus in the first wave. After the initial wave has been defeated, two Mericus will spawn on the upper level. Warp back to the lower level and kill them using handguns. This also puts you in a good position to take out the Del Lilys. Once they have been killed, the last Mericarol near the floor's exit can be dispatched with ease.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Mericarol, 1 x Merikle, 1 x Mericus
  2. 2 x Mericus
  3. 2 x Del Lily, 1 x Mericarol
5F - East Tower


Two Ill Gill spawn near the entrance and there is no where to take cover. Try to freeze or paralyze them. The rest of the floor can be cleared using ranged weapons. Be sure to spread out to keep the last wave of Del Lilys stunned.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Ill Gill
  2. 2 x Ill Gill, 2 X Del Lily
  3. 3 x Del Lily
6F - East Tower


Since there are many barriers here, be sure to keep the Del Lilys stunned. Remember that you can shoot them through the barriers and they can shoot Megid at you. Do not forget to use the healing ring if you need it. Watch out for the two Delbiters that spawn just as you pass through the last set of barriers

Enemy Waves
  1. 3 x Del Lily
  2. 2 x Delbiter
7F - East Tower


  1. Upon entering the level, head to this spot. Eliminate the Mericarol and the Ill Gill. The next Mericarol is easy to kill since its attacks cannot shoot over gaps. Freeze/paralyze the last Ill Gill, head to spot #2, and kill it.
  2. You are now in a position to eliminate the rest of the enemies with ranged attacks. Remember that a Del Lily's Megid can travel over gaps.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Mericarol, 2 x Ill Gill
  2. 2 x Ill Gill, 2 x Del Lily
8F - East Tower


This is a straight-forward floor. Kill the Delbiter to cause a warp to appear. Eliminating the next two Delibiters will cause the the last warp to appear. Killing the last two Delibters will open the exit.

Enemy Waves
  1. 1 x Delbiter
  2. 2 x Delbiter
  3. 2 x Delbiter
9F - East Tower


This is a relatively easy floor. Kill the Del Lilys using ranged attacks. Be sure not to get caught in the Claw Traps as it will cause you to become a prime target for a Megid blast. Eliminate the two Ill Gills and proceed on to the last floor of East Tower. Be sure you are well-supplied before warping. Try to chain together a Photon Blast combination before entering 10F.

Enemy Waves
  1. 4 x Del Lily
  2. 2 x Ill Gill
10F - East Tower


If you leave the two non-spawning Recoboxes alive, several enemies waves will be delayed. This will make your life much easier. At the outset, your biggest worry will be the Meri-class enemies that spawn in the center. Be ready for them. Once enemies stop appearing, eliminate the remaining recoboxes. In the next enemy waves, you can use ranged weapons and traps to stop the Ill Gill. Remember to keep the Del Lilys stunned. In the final enemy waves, several Epsilons will appear. When the four Gi-Gue and Epsilon wave appears, kill the Gi-Gue fast and then focus on Epsilon. After that, spread out and dispatch the Del Lilys. If Epsilon targets you, take the hit and quickly heal. Once that wave is dead, three Epsilons will appear. Try to keep them out of each other's Epsigard range. There is nothing worse than trying to kill one Epsilon, only to get hit (and most likely killed) from behind by another one. Activate the switch after the last Epsilon is dispatched and take the warp to West Tower.

Enemy Waves
  1. 4 x Recobox, 2 x Del Lily, 1 x Ill Gill (leave the non-spawning Recoboxes alive)
  2. 1 x Mericarol
  3. 2 x Gi-Gue
  4. 1 x Merikle
  5. 2 x Ill Gill
  6. 2 x Del Lily
  7. 2 x Gi-Gue
  8. 1 x Mericus (Destroy last Recobox)
  9. 2 x Ill Gill
  10. 1 x Gibbles
  11. 2 x Ill Gill
  12. 2 x Del Lily
  13. 2 x Ill Gill
  14. 1 x Delbiter
  15. 2 x Ill Gill
  16. 1 x Epsilon
  17. 4 x Gi-Gue, 1 x Epsilon
  18. 4 x Del Lily, 1 x Epsilon
  19. 3 x Epsilon
1F - West Tower


Remember to activate the Blessing before proceeding any further. After the first spawn of Gibbles is defeated, progress up the floor slowly. This will keep all three Gibbles from spawning at the same time. Take care to avoid the laser fences.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Gibbles
  2. 3 x Gibbles
2F - West Tower


This is an easy floor. Just be sure to avoid standing by the barriers so the you do not get one-hit killed by the Recons.

Enemy Waves
  1. 6 x Recobox, 1 x Gi-Gue
3F - West Tower


Kill the first two Del Lilys. Three Gibbles will spawn once you reach the middle set of barriers. Make sure to stay out of Megid range of the last two Del Lilys while fighting the Gibbles.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Del Lily
  2. 2 x Del Lily
  3. 2 x Gibbles
4F - West Tower


Take the "A" warp and kill the Recoboxes. Wait for a Blessing to appear before you take the "B" warp. back down. Several waves of strong enemies will appear and there is no place to hide. Make killing the Merikle and Del Lilys your top priority.

Enemy Waves
  1. 4 x Recobox, 1 x Ill Gill
  2. 1 x Merikle, 1 x Ill Gill, 1 x Gibbles
  3. 2 x Del Lily, 1 x Ill Gill
  4. 2 x Ill Gill
5F - West Tower


Do your best to have someone remain on the light switch as you take out the enemies (preferably someone with a ranged weapon). While the light switch is not necessary, it does help to see what you are fighting.

Enemy Waves
  1. 3 x Delbiter, 1 x Del Lily
  2. 2 x Del Lily, 1 x Ill Gill
  3. 3 x Ill Gill
6F - West Tower


Ranged attacks work best here. Do not get in range of a Del Lily's Megid if it is not being attacked. If you position youself correctly on the map when the last Del Lily is killed, a Delbiter or Ill Gill may get stuck in the door. This will make it easier for you to deal with the last wave.

Enemy Waves
  1. 6 x Del Lily
  2. 2 x Delbiter, 2 x Ill Gill
7F - West Tower


Attack the Del Lily and Gi-Gue across the gap using ranged weapons. When they are defeated, quickly turn around to face the Del Lily and Gibbles. Avoid the laser fences and attack the remaining enemies as you see fit.

Enemy Waves
  1. 1 x Del Lily, 1 x Gi-Gue
  2. 2 x Gibbles, 1 x Del Lily
  3. 2 x Mericarol, 1 x Gibbles
8F - West Tower


Since there is a healing ring on this floor, use freeze traps liberally on the Ill Gill. Del Lilys will spawn behind the barrier that splits the room, so make sure to stay out of Megid range while you take care of the Ill Gill. Once the enemies are cleared, activate the switch and approach the healing ring. A single Gibbles will spawn as you walk toward it, so be ready.

Enemy Waves
  1. 2 x Ill Gill
  2. 1 x Ill Gill, 1 x Del Lily
  3. 3 x Ill Gill, 1 x Del Lily
  4. 3 x Ill Gill, 1 x Gi-Gue
  5. 1 x Gibbles (when approaching the ring)
9F - West Tower


This floor is relatively straight-forward. Defeat the Meri-type enemies as each one spawns. Try to position the gap between Ill Gill and you before engaging them. Also, a well-placed confuse trap works wonders here. Before taking the warp to the last floor, make sure you are well-supplied. You may even want to go back to 8F and use the healing ring. Try to use a Photon Blast combination before you proceed.

Enemy Waves
  1. 1 x Merikle
  2. 1 x Mericus
  3. 1 x Mericarol
  4. 4 x Ill Gill
10F - West Tower


In the third enemy wave, two Del Lilys will appear. If you leave one of them alive, the appearance of several enemy waves will be delayed. Your team may want to leave one player standing near the Del Lily so it switches to its melee attack. Once you hear the sound of a door opening, finish off the Del Lily and get ready for the final enemy waves. Be sure to keep an eye out for Meri-type enemies so they don't surprise you with their one-hit kill attack. If you are using an android character, try to save your freeze traps for the last few waves. Also, try to save the Blessing spheres for these waves since they are tough. Do whatever you can to clear our the final waves as quickly as possible. Do not be afraid to use Trimates and Star Atomizers since they can be more efficient than Resta. You can always buy more Star Atomizers by going back to a vending machine. Once the final wave has been cleared, activate the switch and take the warp back to Pioneer 2.

Enemy Waves
  1. 4 x Gi-Gue
  2. 1 x Mericus, 1 x Gibbles
  3. 2 x Del Lily (leave one alive)
  4. 1 x Ill Gill
  5. 1 x Ill Gill
  6. 1 x Delbiter
  7. 1 x Ill Gill
  8. 2 x Gi-Gue
  9. 1 x Ill Gill
  10. 1 x Delbiter
  11. 2 x Ill Gill
  12. 1 x Del Lily
  13. 2 x Ill Gill (Kill the Last Del Lily)
  14. 2 x Ill Gill
  15. 1 x Ill Gill
  16. 1 x Del Lily
  17. 1 x Mericarol
  18. 2 x Del Lily
  19. 1 x Del Lily
  20. 1 x Ill Gill
  21. 1 x Merikle
  22. 2 x Del Lily
  23. 4 x Delbiter
  24. 4 x Ill Gill
  25. 2 x Gibbles, 1 x Epsilon
  26. 1 x Merikle, 1 x Mericarol, 1 x Epsilon
  27. 3 x Ill Gill, 1 x Epsilon
  28. 6 x Ill Gill, 2 x Del Lily
Enemy Counts
Enemy East Tower West Tower Total
Gibbles 4 16 20
Gi-Gue 13 9 22
Mericarol 6 5 11
Mericus 4 2 6
Merikle 2 4 6
Recobox 10 10 20
Ill Gill 23 49 72
Del Lily 27 30 57
Delbiter 8 11 19
Epsilon 6 3 9

Guide assembled by Ryna. Credit goes to psobsesser for providing the enemy counts and walkthrough tips.