Guides - Fragments of Memories

Quest: Fragments of Memories
Description: We received word that message capsules from the Pioneer 1 armed forces were found in the Ruins. Retrieve them.
Client: Soldier
Reward: Meseta (Depends on the Difficulty)
Prerequisites: None
Overview: Fragments of Memories is a fairly collection quest set in Ruins. After you load the quest, you will be asked to go down to Ruins 1 to collect a capsule. Once the capsule has been collected, take the warp back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the soldier. He will tell you there is an additional capsule and will ask you to collect it. If you agree, you will be warped to Ruins 2. As you run through the level, you will eventually reach the "Switch of Doom." Press it. You will now have to find and activate four other switches before the timer expires. Otherwise, you will fail the mission. The time your team has will vary depending on the difficulty and number of players in the team. Take the warp back to Pioneer 2 after collecting the capsule. Talk to the soldier again. Accept the offer to look for the last capsule. You will then be teleported to Ruins 3. Remember the ghostly orbs that would surround you in Gallon's Treachery? Well, they make a return appearance for Ruins 3. You may be caught by them up to 9 times. If you are caught a tenth time, you will fail the quest and be teleported back to Pioneer 2. Once the final capsule has been collected, take the warp back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the Soldier to complete the quest. 

If you are curious about what is contained in the capsules, they explain the first missions of the Pioneer 1 Armed Forces led by Heathcliff Flowen.

Ghostly Spirits
If you've never played Gallon's treachery, the idea behind the ghostly spirits is that a set of orbs appear at regular intervals. If you see them, you must stop moving. Continuing to move will cause the orbs to draw closer to you. If they touch you, it will count as a "catch." You can be caught up to nine times. The orbs will disappear eventually if you stand still. Also, the spirits will try to catch you if you are frozen, die, or use a photon  blast. That fact that you have to stop moving may get you killed on Ultimate when multiple Bringers and Sorcerers appear. Finally, after the ghosts have appeared for the first time in Ruins 3, you will not be able to use Ryuker or telepipes anymore.

Helpful Tips
  • Since there are several hundred enemies, set aside a large chunk of time if you are going to play this quest solo.
  • When playing on Ultimate, increase your EDK so you will not be killed by a Sorcerer's Megid blast. There are a large number of Sorcerer's in this quest.
  • To survive the Bringer blast on Ultimate, you will need over 1400 HP.
  • Before pressing the "Switch of Doom" in Ruins 2, clear out all of the remaining enemies. That way, you won't lose time as you race to press the four switches.
  • Before taking the warp to Ruins 3, make sure you are well-stocked on supplies since you will be unable to return to Pioneer 2.

NOTE: This guide is not yet complete. Several trap and box locations have not been marked. Also, it is unknown if you can earn any other prizes besides meseta.


About These Maps
On the maps below, the path the player should take is denoted by a red line. For the purpose of this guide, it is assumed that the player will head directly toward the exit. Doors that are opened by pressing a button are also marked. Please note that switches are represented with circles and fences/doors with ellipsoids. Colors are used to indicate which switch opens which door/fence. Doors/fences that are opened as a result of clearing the room of enemies are not marked. Since it would be impractical to label every single box, a green box is used to denote a group of boxes in certain places. Finally, damage, confuse, slow, and shock traps are denoted using a generic Damage Trap icon. Like the box icon, a single trap icon may denote multiple traps of the same type.

Ruins 1


  1. The text for the capsule in the warp room suggests that the warps may be randomized. The warp locations in this guide are based on one play-through.
  2. Once the capsule has been collected, take the warp back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the Soldier. If you accept his offer to look for the other capsules, you will be teleported to Ruins 2.
Runs 2 - Part 1

  1. This is the Switch of Doom. Before you press this switch, clear out the rest of the map and move on to the Ruins 2-Part 2 walkthrough.
Runs 2 - Part 2

  1. After this switch has been pressed, you will have a specific amount of time in which to press the four switches and collect the capsule. Follow the path back to Switch #1 and activate it. After that, use the outlined path to activate the others. Once the fourth switch has been pressed, take the E warp and collect the capsule.
  2. Once the capsule has been collected, take the warp and talk ot the Solder again. Accept his offer to look for the last capsule.
Runs 3

  1. Shortly after you exit the starting room, the ghostly spirits will start appearing. After they appear for the first time, your team will be unable to use telepipes or Ryuker.
  2. Once the final capsule has been collected, take the warp back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the soldier.
Enemy Counts
Enemy Ruins 1 Ruins 2 Ruins 3 Grand Total
Buclaw 32 30 18 80
Chaos Bringer - 8 8 16
Chaos Sorcerer 38 - 30 68
Claw 57 112 57 226
Dark Belra 21 - 15 36
Dark Gunner - 42 28 70
Delsaber 41 40 - 81
Dimenian 78 93 46 217

Credit goes to Saffran for providing the enemy counts and information necessary to make this guide. Guide compiled by Ryna.