Guides - Keyboard Animation Shortcuts

Keyboard Animation Shortcuts

In Phantasy Star Universe, you will be able to enter certain keyboard combinations to perform pre-defined character animations. Compared to Phantasy Star Online, these animations are longer and more complex. Also, they can be performed in the city and on the battlefield. Each gender will have its own variation on a particular animation. You can use the other gender's animation variation by adding the Shift key to the combination. Finally, certain keyboard animations, such as dancing, can be performed continously without animation pauses between keystrokes. This guide will cover keyboard animations that have been revealed so far.

Keyboard Shortcut Animation
Alt+F1 Sit on the Ground
Alt+F2 Greeting
Alt+F3 Wave Hand
Alt+F4 Be Delighted
Alt+F5 Clap
Alt+F6 Apologize
Alt+F7 Question
Alt+F8 Kiss
Alt+F9 Express Superiority Over an Area
Alt+F10 Mock
Alt+F11 Cry
Alt+F12 Be Bored
Alt+1 Team Pose Left
Alt+2 Team Pose Center
Alt+3 Team Pose Right
Alt+4 Event Pose 1
Alt+5 Event Pose 2
Alt+6 Event Pose 3
Alt+7 Event Pose 4
Alt+8 Event Pose 5
Alt+9 Sexy Pose
Alt+0 SUV-Weapon Pose
Alt+Q Smile
Alt+W Laugh
Alt+E Point Finger
Alt+T Converse
Alt+Y Give Affirmation
Alt+U Deny
Alt+I Express Shyness
Alt+O Show Disappointment
Alt+P Slap on the Cheek
Alt+A Get Angry
Alt+S Show Surprise
Alt+D Collapse
Alt+F Provoke
Alt+G Scratch
Alt+H Nanoblast
Alt+J Jump
Alt+K Kick
Alt+L Show Caution
Alt+Z Bow Politely
Alt+X Pick Up
Alt+C Revolve Around
Alt+V Spin Around
Alt+B Dance Gracefully
Alt+N Dance #1
Alt+M Dance #2

Translations provided by EspioKaos. Guide compiled by Ryna.