Guides - Reach for the Dream

Quest: Reach for the Dream
Description: "Improve your chatting skill with the new stimulator.
Client: Nol
Prizes 300 Mesetas
B Rank Monomate
A Rank Trimate
S Rank Nol: Scape Doll
GC: Chu Chu Rocket GBA Game Key Item
Xbox: Heart of Chu Chu
Prerequisites: None

As mentioned on the front page, this is a quest that is all about typing. And you can't use word select. However, you can use saved words, i.e. pushing up on the d-pad, or hold R and pushing down on the d-pad, etc.

Now, you can spend as much time as you want between each room without being penalized, so you can spend that time to setting the shortcuts.

You may be asking, "Set my shortcuts to what, though?"

Good question, for each room, there are 10 phrases that are used, you won't necessary see all 10 phrases, but there are only those 10 phrases for each room.

You can set shortcuts to F1-F10 and hit them using the soft keyboard.

There are a few differant types of rooms. There's the battle room, where you keep typing the phrases until you defeat all of the monsters in the room.

There's the quiz room, which takes several forms. In one version, you have simply type the phrase, in another version, you have to type the name of a monster, and in yet another version, you have to type a word minus the letters "s o n i c".

And on a side note, pay attention to punctuation.

When you get s-rank, which requires to get everything perfect, you will go into a room with a computer that was previously blocked by the lazers. The computer will tell you that you got the chu-chu rocket game. It's not an actual item, though. It's one of those "invisable key items." Simply finish out the quest, and go to the online shop, Pioneer warehouse. The GBA loader will now be active, and you can now download chu-chu rocket whenever you want, as long as you can get online. (You do not need to redo the Reach for the Dream quest).

On the Xbox, you can only get 1 mag cell per character.

Prompts for room 1:
Is this OK?
Can you cast Ryuker?
One moment...
Good morning
See you later.
Thank you!
Where are we?
Good bye
Prompts for room 2 (ba room):
What's up?
Stay here
Which one?
Prompts for room 3 (ba room):
Which way?
Are you OK?
Are you sure?
Watch out!
Leave it to me!
Let's go!
It's open!
Prompts for room 4 (quiz room):
Normal-V. Hard mode
Pan Arms
Savage Wolf
Barbarous Wolf

Ultimate mode
Pan Arms

Secret Room 1 - 100% on all rooms up to room 4
Q. A shotgun that fires a spread of Photon Bullets
A. Shot

Q. A superior short sword usable only by masters
A. Edge

Q. Neutralizes poison in the body.
A. Antidote

Q. An ice technique. Freezes enemies with ice projectiles.
A. Gibarta

Q. A magic cane with good power and attributes.
A. Staff

Q. Currency used on Pioneer 2.
A. Meseta

Q. A rifle with good accuracy and power
A. Sniper

Q. A lightning technique. Strikes all surrounding enemies.
A. Razonde

Q. Reveals traps that are hidden in rooms.
A. Trap Vision

Q. A short Photon sword. Attacks enemies twice.
A. Dagger

Prompts for room 5 (ba room):
Watch out for traps!
I might quit
Hee hee hee hee
That's a rare find
Oh, man!
Nice Resta!
Nice Force!
Prompts for room 6. (ba room) :
That's enough
I'm hungry
Morning already?
I see.
Sorry I'm late.
Ha ha ha ha
Secret room 2 - 100% on all rooms up to room 6
Q. I am a ruler of all things. I exist in all places, but I cannot be touched, I cannot be seen or smelt and I never make a sound, what am I?
A. Time.
Prompts for 7th room.
(Combine "S", "O", "N", "I", "C" with key word that is displayed If the key word is "Sora", the just type in "rA." )

Luk Materal (Luck Material)
Bullaw (Bulclaw)
Rpper (Ripper)
Dvty Barrer(Divinity Barrier)
Rebx (Recobox)
Gguh (Gigush)
Gugr (Gungir)
Yaka (Yaksa)
Dark Guer (Dark Gunner)
Perfet Frame (Perfect Frame)

Promts for room 8 (ba room)

Somebody hit the switch
Sorry I'm late
That's the Principal!
A rare find!
Can I customize it?
Can you support me?
It's lighting up

Only on Xbox, extra prompt:
"Mission complete!"

Secret room 3 - 100% on all rooms up to room 8
Q. Small shield that evolves when it is equipped with a Shifta / Deband Amplifier

Q. An exceptional cane. Has amazing power. Sacrifice HP to launch a powerful attack.
A. Berserk Club

Q. And advanced protective screen for the left hand. Boosts defense, lightning resist for all classes.
A. Plasma Barrier

Q. Increase Evasion Power (EVP) by 2. Attribute will not exceed class limit.
A. Evade Material

Q. A superior sword usable only by masters. Also steals 13% of enemy HP with a special attack.
A. Fill Pallasch

Q. A superior battle cane usable only by masters. Also has a chance to paralyze enemies.
A. Bind Pillar

Q. Photon Amplifier that boosts the power of Barta techniques.
A. Amplifier of Blue

Q. The ultimate weapon?--hard, yet supple and smooth!
A. akiko's frying pan

Q. A superb throwing blade usable only by masters often paralyzes eneimes with a single attack.
A. Seize Sawcer

Q. A superior long sword usable only by masters. Has a high chance of confusing enemies.
A. Havoc Berdys


Guide by rbf2000