Guides - Lost Ice Spinner

Quest: Win Back: Ice Spinner
Description: "I lost the Ice Spinner that my father gave me."
Client: Hopkins
Normal 500 Mesetas
Hard 6000 Mesetas
Very Hard 16000 Mesetas
Ultimate 16000 Mesetas
Prerequisites: None

Hopkins has lost his Ice Spinner and you will need to journey through caves level 1, 2 and 3 and defeat the Del Rol Le to retrieve the Ice Spinner

Follow the red dashed line for the shortest route. This quest has a lot of "puzzles" involving switches and teleporters. Pay close attention to the teleporter and switch numbers in the map.

If doing this quest for experience, go to every room and defeat all the monsters.

Upon retrieving the Ice Spinner from the Del Rol Le, return to pioneer 2 and speak to Hopkins. It will say that the quest is completed. Collect your reward from the Guild Counter.