Guides - Dream Messenger

Quest: Dream Messenger
Description: "Help a boy's mysterious dream come true."
Client: A Father
Reward: Key Item & Nights score attack
Prerequisites: None
  Last night, a child of a Lab researcher had a strange dream... In it, the child played together with Nights.

Nights said: "I have a present for you. Won't you visit the Beach to receive it?"

In this quest, you have to follow the 4 glowing stars "Ideya", keep chasing them around nightime seaside. They will constantly be advancing. Get to the end point within the allocated time limit. Defeat Gees, Gibbons, and Meritas along the way.

One person 15 minutes
Two person 13 minuts
Three person 8 minutes
Four person 6 minutes

To download the Nights GBA minigame, play the Warehouse quest. You will be able to download the minigame from there.

Stones marked blue in the map are breakable. The green switches are traps, so you have to activate the traps.