Guides - Singing By The Beach

Quest: Singing By the Beach
Description: " Rappies are throwing a party ! please come join us!"
Client: ???
Reward ???
Prerequisites: 10 Tickets from Famitsu Attack

This is the quest where you can use the tickets that you get from the Famitsu Maximum Attack quest based on a lottery system.

The lucky chance machine requires 10 Tickets to play

Possible prizes are: 1. Famitsu game magazine, 2. Scape Doll, 3. Monogrinder.

Mini-Event for Jan 17th-20th.
This first event is for couples, you can marry in this quest. When the number of couples exceed 500, a new route will open in Famitsu Max Attack.

Mini-Event for Jan 31st-Feb3rd.
This second event is a button mashing event. When the number of buttons pressed exceeds 1000000, a new route will open in Famitsu Max Attack.

Rappy Song Lyrics
The ocean is crystal blue
beautiful beautiful blue
My body is yellow
was born just as yellow

Who is it so?
I never thought to seek a reason
color difference never bothered me
since we all live on the same planet

Dont think too hard there is nothing
mysterious just look around you
you are always sorrounded by your friend.

You can do it! you can do it!
We are all here to back you up
Have fun! have fun!
you can do anything with a smile on your face.

Let's get moving! Nothing will change
if you stand still.
Let's find it! Let's find that star of your own,
deep in the sky.

Seaside Map
Note: The red barrier leading to the Mini Event area will open only for Mini Events listed above.