Guides - Valentine's Day Event

Quest: Valentine's Day Event/Gallon's Shop
Description: ?
Client: ?
Reward ?
Prerequisites: Single player female character

Choose Gallon's Shop quest; talk to Gallon and buy the chocolate for 500 meseta. Take that chocolate to Nol who is hanging around the Medical Center. Talk to her and she will see that you have chocolate. She asks you to let her cook it. Say yes; after accepting her offer she tell you not to overcook or under the chocolate; you have to press "A" within 3 seconds to get a "perfect" chocolate; however ignore this instrcution by Nol and let the chocolate cook till Nol finally has to stop it. Meaning, don't press "A" at all. Nol then goes on to talk about a Puyo Pop game she left in Control Center. She gives you another chocolate and asks you to goto get her PuyoPop game in Control Center.

Proceed to the area and defeat all enemies. When you finally reach the end (very short - 8 minutes at most) you will see a shiny Puyo Pop Game waiting for you. Take the game and go back to the Medical Center; Nol will be pleased with your finding and in turn, she gives you the Key to the Puyo Pop game for your GBA. After that, go to the wharehouse and download the game to your GBA.

Note: Puyo Pop only available on GC.

Chocolate effects when eaten:

  1. Increases TP
  2. ncreases HP
  3. Paralysis
  4. Poison
  5. Confused
  6. Shock
City Map
Central Control Map
Credit goes to jonny-5 and MissNade.