Guides - Principal's Gift

Quest: The Principal's Gift
Description: "A New VR program, "White Day", has been created to enhance relationships between hunters."
Client: Principal
Reward 300 Meseta & Candy
Prerequisites: 2 players
  • The time limit to clear this quest is 15 minutes.
  • You and your partner would need to fight in the same room together. You are however, always separated by a laser fence.
  • Switches need to be turned on simultaneously with your partner.
  • It's basic straightforward killing. Kill all the enemies in the room to make the switches appear.
  • You cannot use Ryuker in this quest.
  • Dying will end this quest but using a scape doll will prevent this.
  • Upon successful completion, you will receive candy inscribed with your partner's ID.
  • One player will assume the red dotted line on the map, while the other, the blue dotted line.
  • Switches numbered 1 is the light switch for the first dark rooms.
  • If you talk to Irene after you complete the quest, you'll get some interesting messages about a new government.

If you're trying to do this quest to get the special candy to trade for a flower bouquet in the online Towards the Future quest, remember that when playing this quest, you and your partner can't activate the light switches in the first room and need to press all the other switches at the same time in an efficient time to be able to get the special candy needed.

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