Guides - Seat of the Heart

Quest: Seat of the Heart
Description: "Elly has a personal request."
Client: Elly

??? Meseta
Normal: 5,000
Hard: 10,000
V.Hard: 20,000
Ultimate: 40,000

Prerequisites: Blue Burst:

To unlock this 1 player quest on Blue Burst, you must complete the following prerequisites on the same difficulty mode (Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Ultimate) that you plan to play Seat of the Heart on.

1. Complete up to Government Quest 8-1. That means taht you need to beat 7-5.

2. Make an online Episode 2 game and load the quest from under the VR section.


The Seat of the Heart can be found under the VR quest section at the Hunters Guild (Episode 1 or 2 game rooms). But before you can select this quest from the VR section, you must first complete a set of offline prerequisites.

Keep in mind that you must complete the following prerequisites on the same difficulty mode (Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Ultimate) that you plan to play Seat of the Heart on.

Offline prerequisites for this quest include the following:

1. Successfully complete VR Temple (Alpha & Beta) on Episode 2.
2. Successfully complete VR Spaceship (Alpha & Beta) on Episode 2.
3. Successfully complete CCA (Central Control Area) on Episode 2.
4. Unlock the Seabed area by defeating the Gal Gryphon at the CCA.

Do your best to protect the NPC and don't let them die.You have to keep them alive. If they die the quest will end. Some enemies have the ability to kill the NPC in one hit. Do not rely on the NPC's to help you.

Dying without a scape will also end the quest. There are many enviromental traps new and exclusive to this new quest. There are pillars or lights, fiery of explosions, luminous trails and different forms of lightning (one shocks, and one freezes). This all adds to the difficulty of the quest.

This quest is broken up into two halves. After you journey through Spaceship, you will have to defeat Gol Dragon. You will complete the first half of the quest at this point and be able to save.

This is a difficult quest, it is recommended that you are able to easily defeat the EP2 CCA level and beat the CCA area boss offline alone. Once you can easily do that, you are safe to attempt the online quest at the same difficulty level. Note that enemies are tougher online than they are offline. The NPC's that you will have to fight are also very difficult, especially on Ult mode.

You can get Elly or Kireek to join you in the fight. If you told Sue your name in the Dr Osto's Reseach quest offline, completed the Sue route/subplot and you have beaten Knowing One's Heart, you will have Kireek joining your team.


Variant 1
Tell Sue your name in Dr Osto's Research
Start -› VR Temple -› VR Spaceship -› Gol Dragon -› CCA with Sue and Kireek Appearance-› Control Tower accompanied by Kireek-› Mother Room 1-› Seaside1 -› Laboratory -› End

Variant 2
Don't tell Sue your name in Dr Osto's Research
Start -› VR Temple -› VR Spaceship -› Gol Dragon -› CCA -› Control Tower accompanied with Elly-› Mother Room 2 -› Seaside 2-› Laboratory -› End

Quest Precautions

  • If the NPC Elly is killed, the quest will immediately end, and you will be forced to restart over from the beginning if you haven't reached the halfway mark (CCA).
  • Dying without a Scape Doll will cause the quest to immediately end.
  • This quest has many new environmental traps exclusive to Seat of the Heat.
  • Traps include: Ice and Electric based lighting attacks that freeze and shock your character instantly on contact, stone structures that emit damaging shock waves of light, explosions of fire that arise from the floor under your character, and large rotating blades.
  • There are many exclusive, yet difficult monsters featured within the Control Tower portion of this quest. So be prepared.

Quest Notes

  • It is recommended that you do not attempt to play this quest until you can comfortably complete VR Temple - Seabed offline on the same difficulty mode you plan on playing Seat of the Heart on.
  • This quest is divided into two parts. Part one consists of VR Temple - VR Spaceship (including battle with Gol Dragon). Part two consists of the Central Control Area - Central Control Tower.
  • After completing the first part of the quest, you are given the opportunity to save your progress. If Elly or yourself are killed, you will then be able to start off from the beginning of part two.
  • After successfully completing the quest, the save data that was created after part one will be erased.
  • Del Lilly's use Megid on all four difficulty modes.
  • Techniques Jellen & Zalure have no effect on Ultimate Gol Dragon.
  • You cannot use Telepipes or Ryuker for the duration of both parts of the quest. You can only go back to Pioneer 2 after completion of part one.
  • During the Control Tower portion of the quest, you can have the NPC Kireek join you instead of Elly. Read the section below to find out how.
  • You can only get one Ragol Ring per difficulty (Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Ultimate).
  • You must have one free space in your inventory (XX/30) to receive the Ragol Ring.

Elly's Episode 1 Costume

After the Ragol Ring has been obtained, you can replay the quest with Elly appearing in her Episode 1 costume. First, you must create a game using the same difficulty setting as the one you used to obtain the Ragol Ring. Once the quest has been loaded, you will be given two choices. If you select the first one, Elly will use her Episode 2 costume. The second choice corresponds to her Episode 1 outfit. Credit goes to S-T-H for spotting this trick.

Acquiring the Ragol Ring

If you follow a preset number of steps while playing the offline Hunters Guild quests, you can acquire a rare shield called the Ragol Ring during Seat of the Heart. Follow the below steps to acquire the ring.

1. Successfully complete VR Temple - CCA (including defeating the Gal Gryphon).

2. Complete the following Hunters Guild quests offline on the same difficulty you plan to play Seat of the Heart on:

Note: The following events for each quest can only be completed the first time the quest is played. You cannot go back to a quest after previously completing it and activate the Sue/Bernie Subplot conversations. You must initiate the Sue/Bernie Subplot conversations the FIRST time you play the quest or you won't be able to get the Ragol Ring.

The Quests below require no steps aside from simply completing them. They do not have any required Sue/Bernie conversations to engage in.

Battle Training
Magnitude of Metal
Claiming a Stake
Addicting Food
Lost Bride
Secret Delivery
Grave's Butler
Knowing One's Heart

The Quests below require that you talk with either Sue, Bernie, or both. Make sure to speak with them several times after they finish their initial conversation to make sure they have nothing left to say. You must make sure to do this or you may loose out on acquiring the Ragol Ring.

Dr. Osto's Research
Tell Sue your name when she asks near the end of the quest.

Unsealed Door
Find Sue in Mine 2 and speak with her. Now look for Bernie also in Mine 2 and speak with him. Tell him about Sue when he asks.

Waterfall of Tears
Find Sue near the shop on Pioneer 2 and speak with her. When a prompted to choose a topic of conversation, select to talk to her about Black Paper. After the conversation, find Bernie in Caves 1 and speak with him.

Black Paper
Find Sue again on Pioneer 2 and initiate in conversation with her. When prompted to make a discussion choice, ask her about her purpose. Now head down to Cave 1 and find Bernie. Once found, speak with him.

3. Play Seat of the Heart on the same difficulty mode that you completed the Sue/Bernie Subplot.

4. Various times during the quest, you will need to answer a series of questions correctly in order to move on. The answers to the questions are as follows:

Answer #1
The first conversation prompt appears almost immediately after the quest begins. Respond to Elly's question with the phrase "You can count on me"

Answer #2
The second conversation prompt appears once you've been ambushed by the HUmar and RAmar in the Spaceship. Reply to the first prompt with "Do not hand over IDs".

Answer #3
The third conversation prompt appears almost immediately after #2. Reply with "Hand IDs over".

Answer #4
The fourth conversation prompt will appear near the beginning of the second half of the quest. Just before you and Elly enter the Teleporter leading into the CCA, a prompt to select a phrase will appear. Select "Enter the Teleporter".

Answer #5
As soon as you enter the CCA from step #4, Elly will talk with Cal; followed by yet another phrase prompt. After the conversation, select "Let's Go".

Answer #6
When you reach the final gate near the Control Tower, a long conversation will begin with the two Cal characters. After the conversation, a phrase prompt will appear. Select "Scold her".

Answer #7
Almost immediately after conversation prompt #6, a final prompt will appear. Select "Jump Off".

5. Sure and Kireek will appear after you release the lock to the gate leading to the Control Tower only if you completed the Sue/Bernie Subplot correctly. After the brief conversation between the four, you and Kireek will be free to enter the Control Tower.

6. Destroy only the correct computers/switches and complete the Control Tower. ( It's not necessary to defeat Epsilon). Refer to the maps below.

7. The end of the mission takes place in the Seaside area. Once you regain consciousness, travel down the beach till you find Elly. Once you get close enough to her location, an automatic conversation will start up between her and you. If you followed the above steps correctly, she'll reward you with the Ragol Ring.

Damaging Epsilon

To do damage to Epsilon, wait for the 4 shields/parts to move away from the center core. Then inflict damage to the center core. Trying to hurt him while the shields are not away from the core will not damage him.


  • Del Lily will spit out Megid on any difficulty setting.
  • You cannot use Jellen and Zalure on the Gol Dragon in Ultimate mode.
  • The quest will also save your data and progress after you beat Gol Dragon. This save point however does not work between different difficulty levels.
  • You cannot use Ryuker or Telepipes.

NPC Level

Very Hard

VR Temple Beta
VR Spaceship Beta
You will be battling NPC's at spots marked 1, 2 and 3. You can use monomate to recover HP. When using Resta, you will also recover your accompanying NPC's HP. This area will have traps, be careful when advancing.
Central Management
This area will have traps, be careful when advancing. This is where you will get either Elly or Kireek to accompany you the rest of the way depending on if you told Sue your name or not in the offline Dr. Osto's Research quest.
Control Tower

Activate only the computers marked by the blue computer icons on the map. Leave the white computer icons alone, activating the wrong computers will result in more enemies that you will have to defeat to move further on. You can let Elly activate the computers to decrease enemy appearances.

Safe computers to hit in the CCA (follow map):

  • Floor 1: Center computer
  • Floor 2: Last computer
  • Floor 3: Third computer
  • Floor 4: First Computer
  • Floor 5: Fourth Computer

Computer plot:

  • When all computers are hit: Epsilon appears
  • When some of the incorrect computers are hit: Ill Gill appears (refer to map)
  • When all correct computers are hit with Kireek: minimal battle
  • When all the correct computers are touched: minimal battle
You will then teleport at point 1 to the Lab at the ending. At this point you can follow Elly back to point 2 for a little extension to the quest. Teleport 1 takes you to a "Nights Portal."

Credit: Proto_Coyote