Guides - Soul Of Steel

Quest: Soul of Steel
Description: "Please! Can you help me find my darling Android that I crafted with my own two hands."
Client: Dr. Montague
Award: 5000 Mesetas
Prerequisites: Clear Doc's Secret Plan

The mechanics in this quest are different from any other, so be aware of that. You'll be asked to acompany Montague and Elenor, but soon after stepping out of the Hunter's Guild, you'll be approached by a Humar, setting off a long cutscene that ends with Elenore giving you a mag cell to hold. Once you gain control again, head towards Montague and Elenore for some more info, and then go down to Mines 2.

Upon entering the first room, a Garanz will attack you, then two Sinow Beats, and several Gillchics. You do have to keep Elenore and Montague alive, but at level 55 (in normal) they can mostly take care of themselves. The next room has a long RAmar guarding the entrace to the rest of the Mines. When he asks "You still want to proceed?" answer "Yes! I want to!". Of course he doesn't let you, but Montague runs of to a computer. Follow him (eastern-most door) and Montague comes up with a plan to distract him. Now head towards the western most door until the cutscene showing the computer making a sound starts, then rush to where the guard was and go past the gate and door to the large computer terminal in the next room. Talking to the terminal brings up another cut-scene, and your Mag cell will "move". Montague and Elenore will stay by the Terminal, so head west towards the open door, while keeping an eye out for two Underground traps, and a normal bomb. Head into and past the next empty room, and head straight to set off a Earthquake. You'll be in another large room with a computer terminal, but ignore that and head south to locked door. There's a circle in front of it, which is basically a teleporter. Head towards it, and Ult. will appear! After a brief sequence, Ult will open the door and your first mini-objective appears: Follow Ult, and don't lose sight of her! This is a short, easy part, with only 4 confusion traps along the way to stop you. Complete this part and Ult. will disappear behind a locked door. Hit the switch to open the door, go through and heads towards Ult.

After talking a bit, Montague and Elenor will join you again. Ult will then escape. Head to the only open door while watching out for traps, and hit the switch. The gate blocking the doorway to your north, and heads towards it. The next part is guarded by several Racasts, so you have to go alone. This is tricky, but you get chances to redo it so don't worry. The easiest route I found for the first route is to watch the guy on your left most closely, and when he turn north and/or east, rush behind him along the wall, and head to the next door. You'll also hear a radar sound if you get close enough to be spotted, so be careful. The next room is trickier since they don't appear on screen or on the map until you enter. Time your steps to run behind the guy near the door, and then run at an angle behind the guy walk in a line guarding the next door. This really is the only way to get past them, and here's it's a simple matter of getting the timing right. The following room has a large gate down the center, but it also has a gap towards the front, so simply wait till both RAcasts are from from you and not facing you, and use the gap to go to the door on your right. The final room is the smallest, but not as hard as you would think. They both walk in a square pattern around the pillars in the center, simply walk as close as you can behind one heading right (north) and you'll end up in a room with Ult.

Talking with Ult will result in Montague and Elenore showing up, and them chasing her when she runs off. Once they do, heads towards to the locked door, and a HUmar with two RAcasts show up. They vow to destroy you, but then 6 Gillchics show up. Now you have to eliminate the Gilchics and NPC's to move forward. The HUmar will then self destruct the Mines! Head through the locked that which is now unlocked, and meet with Elenore and Montague at the Warp to Ruins 3. Time is counting down from 20 minutes, so try to skip the dialogue. Clear the first room, head to the only open door, and repeat in the next room. You'll come to a room with 4 doorways, with two blocks. A series of rocks block your way right (east), destroy them, and head to the door. This room has lasers blocking the doorway to to warp leading to the computer, but you can't reach it for now. Clear this room, then head back to the previous romom and go through the opposite doorway. Clear the large room, and move on. Clear the room with the switch, then hit the switch. Go into the next room, unlock the door, and and take a left turn (ignoring enemies) and follow the path you made earlier to the room with the lasers blocking to doorway. If done right, you'll barely make it through. If not, re-try. Once you get it, head into the door (even if Montague got stuck behind) and take the warp to the computer. Montague will then disarm it, completing th mini-objective.

A Cutscene will follow, and you have to get Ult. now. Take the warp back, and head to the newly opened door on your right. Follow it, and take the warp, which should put you in front of Ult. She'll respawn somewhere else, so take the warp again, and using the map, follow her. If you reach her in time you'll have captured her, if not, try memorizing her re-spawn points until you do. (There's only a few.) After this, a long cutscene occurs with you taking a telepipe out of Ruins 3, and awaking in the Hospital. Head back to the guild, and talk to the Guild Clerk near the doorway. This completes the quest, and check your Quest Board for a letter from Montague.

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Mine 2
Ruins 3