Guides - The East Tower

Quest: The East Tower
Description: "Eliminate all the monsters that have inhabited the Control Tower on Gal Da Val Island."
Client: Natasha Milarose

??? Meseta
Normal: 5,000
Hard: 10,000
Very Hard: 20,000
Ultimate: 40,000


The path to the East Control Tower was found during your investigation of the lab in which CAL was rebuilt by Elly. The area is inhabited by many monsters that must be defeated if you want to fully explore the Tower. Natasha, the leader of the lab needs the help of brave hunters-eliminate the monsters and save the Control Tower!

Upon successful competion of this quest, you will be able to do meet Hopkins in the online quest, Gallon's shop . You will also be able to add special elements to your S-rank weapons. To do so follow these steps:

First play the new East Tower quest. At the beginning visit Hopkins (he's at the same place as in Gallons shop). Talk to him and he wil lead you to his father "Pagani". Just press the chat bubbles away and continue with the quest.

Once you have defeated Epsilon go to that big Terminal. Press A button next to it and you will recieve the data Pagani wants. Teleport back to P2 as usual and visit Hopkins again. His father will go on about how he will do more research and soon develope new weapons.

Now if you enter the online Gallons Shop quest and talk to Hopkins (minimum of 1PD in your inventory requiered) Pagani will give you a new menu:

- Trade Items
- S Weapons
- Quit

When you chose S-rank Weapons your inventory will pop up and lets you chose an S-rank Weapon. The next menu will ask you how many PDs you want to spend (30, 40 or 50). Then you can pick the special attack you want. Like I said you can always cancel and quit till you actually picked an attack.

Photon Drops Elements
Jellen, Zalure, Hell, Demon and Arrest
Beserk, Spirit, King, Chaos, Gush and Geist
Tempest, Blizzard, Burning, HP and TP Revival

You will have no noticeable differences on the Srank Weapon, besides it having a special attack.

From now on Pagani will always offer the S Weapon option. There is no need to replay the East Tower Quest. As a sidenote since the Easttower Quest is still now up on EU servers also the Gallons Shop there has not been updated. So build your new weapons on US/JP Ships.

Damaging Epsilon

To do damage to Epsilon, wait for the 4 shields/parts to move away from the center core. Then inflict damage to the center core. Trying to hurt him while the shields are not away from the core will not damage him. Do not touch Epsilon's Shields when they are away from him.

Epsilon's shield are color coded as follows:
Red: Fire
Yellow: Lightning & Shock
Blue: Ice & Freeze
Purple: Megid/Instant Death

Central Management
Control Tower

Kill every single enemy on each floor to move on to the next level.

Control Tower - 10th Floor
Defeat Epsilon. Once you have defeated Epsilon go to that big Terminal. Press A button next to it and you will recieve the data Pagani wants. Teleport back to P2.

Information by: Anisha__J-Hunter and GyroidFanatic