• No More Heroes: PSO DC to shut down

    Jack writes, "News from Sega.com!

    Beginning October 1, 2003 the online services for Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast version 1 & 2 will be discontinued. The PSO US Dreamcast server (11:US/Oberon) will continue to operate and will be maintained until 9/30/03. However, starting September 30, 2003 at 11:59pm (Japan Time), 7:59am(US Pacific Time), the server will be disconnected and no players will be able to log into the game server.

    The message boards have always been an integral part of the PSO community and they will continue to operate until 10/1/03.

    If you have a valid Hunters License as of October 1, 2003 and after, you will receive credit for the charge against the credit card you used at the time of renewal. This credit will be issued around November 1, 2003.

    Although this has been a difficult business decision, we know it is necessary to allow our valuable production resources to work on new games. On behalf of Sonic Team here at Sega, we would like to thank you for making PSO an unforgettable experience. You have brought us much joy and many wonderful memories. We invite you to try PSO on GameCube and Xbox and share your knowledge and skills with other PSO gamers so your legacy will continue to live on.

    Goodbye PSODC =(

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    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      Looks like I'm going to have to renew the ol' DC Hunter's License, and take original DC Meira out into the lobbies for one last HUZZAH!....
    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      That sucks....it cant cost that much to keep a server going. They talk about it as if its a massive drain on resources.
    1. Sunblast's Avatar
      Sunblast -
      I really hope DC has as good of Offline Multimode as GC and XBox. It'll be sad to see so many of our Elite players disappearing.
    1. Lugnut's Avatar
      Lugnut -
      I came to this site when PSO was but an infant. To see Puck 09 disappear was tough... but to see the entire servers take the plunge is truly sad. This is truly the end of an era.
    1. Balbarei's Avatar
      Balbarei -

      PSO DC worlds

      like Puck 09

      i still remember the nights i spending online on PSO playing, chatting....
    1. RagMasterRappy's Avatar
      RagMasterRappy -
      Dreamcast died a long time ago. Thanks to people!
    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      DC has NO offline multiplayer mode, whatsoever, as a matter of fact.
    1. Shake's Avatar
      Shake -
      The dreamcast phantasy star online was the original. It introduced all of us into the world of Ragol, where we spend days, nights, weeks, and years taking our characters through the same levels countless times.

      No other console game could ever pull off that kind of repetitiveness before there was phantasy star online.

      Phantasy Star did more than just entertain us, for some, it allowed them to find their one true loves. For some, it allowed them to open themselves up to an entirely different world from our own, and finally feel a sense of peace and freedom away from our daily lives.

      As Sega put it, I hope all of you Dreamcast players put in the money for a Gamecube, for an Xbox, and get the games. Or pick up the PC version. I'm sure you know it just as much as I do, that it'll be well worth it.

      From now on, I have a high respect for players whom have played during the DC days...I hope others follow such a cause.

      Here's a toast, to the beginning of an era we hold dear to us in many ways.

      Suit up hunters, because this is not the end...
    1. StrikeTeam's Avatar
      StrikeTeam -
      Hell i still play PSODC and i have PSOX, allot of good times on that game. well il be playing DC allot til oct. 1st.
    1. Sunblast's Avatar
      Sunblast -
      Well put, Shake. Well put. I really hope that our DC hunters decide to cross over to GC and X Box, or if not, then please still stay on PSOW.
    1. Sunblast's Avatar
      Sunblast -
      Oh, shoot, they're really gonna want to switch to GC and XBox now.
    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      Yeah. But, of course, most have either switched over, or they've left the game alone completely... Which is why they're closing off the last server.
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      ;_; This truly saddens me... Ive been on PSO since the US ver.1 launch day... First they take Puck 5... ...now everything.

      Those of us from those days truly are the most elite of the elite now. I will miss you PSODC... ...thanks for the memories. ;_;

      Later, Ace!

      Robin Everheart

      ~Moderator of TST~
    1. StarWrath's Avatar
      StarWrath -
      Truly the end of an era. I have had so many great times on DC PSO despite the numerous ships that have shut down& the PK's I hope to have as many memories on XPSO. I will have to spend alot more time on DC till they shut it down. Thanks PSO DC. I will miss you.
    1. -LordNikon-'s Avatar
      -LordNikon- -
      I am planning on Lvling my HUcast on ver1. Which i have been working on for the past 6 months. he is currently at Lv96. I will lvl him to 100 and it will be a perfect ending. I am going to be on DC PSO a lot over the next month. I had been playing both DC and GC pso's for equal shares of time each week. Just something about the original PSO on dreamcast gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. DC 4 LIFE!
    1. HUmar01's Avatar
      HUmar01 -
      I have a level 99 on version 1.

      Right before It shuts down I will make sure that I reach level 100 by beating Dark Falz with my 3 Best friends....

      That will be the best PSO Game on the DC I have ever played. I remember the first day I played that addictive game. I had a fight with my brother, I wanted to get another game but he won and I thank him for all those memories.

      People run private servers on the DC like barburay and myself for the DC, so its not truly the end. If you want access you need a codebreaker or a gameshark and a broadband adapter(for mine only). I did this so there isnt much lag. baburays server dosent need broadband.
    1. Sailor_V_64's Avatar
      Sailor_V_64 -
      it's going to be the final chance i ever have to bring Sailor_V_64 (Level 161) ever online again? oh this is truly a sad state of affairs. I'll be with PSODC till it dies.

      Poor PSODC!

      First Puck now this?

      Oh such a horrible fate.

      I thought they might restrict it for psov1 players but not for PSOv2 Players as well.

      >_< Such a sad sad state!
    1. Drayma's Avatar
      Drayma -
      GSers will be out in force one last time as well. I suggest if you want to go back one last time you should agree to meet on a soccer field which psoworld members agree to.
    1. Andrina's Avatar
      Andrina -
      'tis a sad sad day. I had PSO V1 since day one. I played a little, and was online the first weekend (like 2 days after release or something) and my boyfriend played a lot more then I did. But soon after I took over and it became my world. I would come home from work, and as I walked past the entertainment center to go and check my real mail, I'd turn on the Dreamcast so it would be ready when I came back in the house, eating a dinner made specifically to eat while I played. I did this every day and I played PSO V1 then V2 until all my friends had left.

      Having a GameCube and Xbox, I got each on thier day of release. Spent the extra money to get a keybaord for each (ASCII on GC, and the adapter for USB on Xbox) and settled on the Xbox version because that's where more friends were. Still playing today, Andrina the third is now level 96 on PSOX (one for DC, GC and Xbox, reaching a minimum of lvl 115 until the still growing Xbox Andrina) and my FOnewearl already well over lvl 100 on PSOX.

      Although I haven't played the DC PSO, I would be thrilled to boot it back up and meet everyone there for the big farwell.

      I wish they could do something to allow just regular folks like us to run a server for the DC PSO. Shou ga nai wa, the legend still lives.
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