• Goodbye US PSODC Servers

    lollipoplolita writes, "The US PSODC servers have come to an end and are now down and no longer available. Let's just observe a moment of silence for the original game that got many of us hooked on the game until now. However, EU and JP servers are still up and running for you lucky players in EU and JP. If you guys would like to discuss this further, please join the discussion in our forums. Good times..."

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    1. Balbarei's Avatar
      Balbarei -
      Rest in peace!

      so much memories!!!

    1. 's Avatar
      Is the GC Hunters Licence the only charge you have to pay for Online play?

      How many characters can you have on GC memory card?
    1. Kent's Avatar
      Kent -
      Sega finally smited the servers... Oh well, not a problem for me.
    1. 's Avatar
      man that sucks that game was the shit
    1. 's Avatar
      You can fit 4 characters on a GC memory card. to get psogc online, you must have the following

      A gamecube(comes with controller)

      memory card(seperate)

      A gamecube modem or broadband adapter(also seperate)

      new pso game disc(for hl)

      and a isp

      So when you after you have bought these, yes, the hunters license is the only fee.

    1. UntouchableC's Avatar
      UntouchableC -
      yes indeed I'ma miss them, but.................I''m in the EU. *Runs off to set up his DC and rackup the phonebill again*

    1. TerribleDeliMeat's Avatar
      TerribleDeliMeat -
      Second that. who was still playing the dreamcast version with newer versions out anyways.

      its like playing NHL Hockey Genesis when you can go buy ESPN Hockey on PS2/Xbox
    1. 's Avatar
      i have gc ver of pso but i need a new serial no. and access key if anyone has an extra i could have...i cant remember my UN and PW
    1. 's Avatar
      ;; i miss pso ;; im gonna find a way to connect to somthing for underground netplay.... even if i have to make my comp the server!!!111!111!11!oneoneone

    1. 's Avatar
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