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    lollipoplolita writes, "

    As some of you might know by now, there was a little problem or issue today with PSO's game clock because of the leap year, changing from February 29 to March 1st. This affects both your online and offline game modes for Ep 1 & 2, Ep 1 & 2 Plus, Ep 1 & 2 v1.1. and Ep 3. You might have been affected if you were playing online during or before the date change or if you were playing offline during the date change. There was however a server maintenance/down time for all GC servers in the US to help avoid this issue and further complications. For those of you who do need to fix your time display read the following ST news posting or do these simple steps:

    1. Set your game clock/time and date to 28 February, 2006, 23:55
    2. Start the game in offline mode. Select character with problem. Wait in Pioneer 2 on Ep 1 & 2 or the morgue in Ep 3
    3. When it turns to March 1st, 2006, your game time display will turn to normal time
    4. Verify that the time display is now normal and save the game and end your session
    5. Go back and change the game clock/time and date back to the present actual time

    Please keep in mind that you have to change your game clock back to the proper time and date or you will not be able to connect to the servers for online play. Also keep in mind to do this only once and only with the character that experiences the problem.

    If you need instructions on how to change the clock, please refer to your manual.

    Good luck and be careful!"

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      satoshi1 -
      By Game Clock, do you mean system clock? Cause PSO points you to the system menu when you choose "no, I want to change the time" when you first start...
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