• Visual Lobby Decorations Fof PSOX And PSOGC

    lollipoplolita writes, "ST posted announcing that the visual lobby decorations will change. There will be cherry blossom trees with white and red striped curtains starting on Tuesday, March 30th until Tuesday, April 6th. Easter visual lobby decorations will be up starting on Tuesday, April 6th for 25 days. Remember that Egg Rappies will be out and about while Easter lobby decorations are up. Be sure to track them down for some cool rares. For your assistance, we have guides for finding these rappies for solo players and teams of multiple players.

    Also, a reminder to everyone that the v1.0 JP PSOGC Ep 1&2 servers are now officially closed. "

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    1. Capricornus's Avatar
      Capricornus -
      I'd rather advice the quest blue star memory to hunt down rappies .

      The rappy count on that quest (39 if Im correct) is even better than a temple muliplayer run
    1. HerroPowers's Avatar
      HerroPowers -
      argh my xbox wont let me get a hunters licence...i want to go online T.T
    1. 's Avatar
      what timw can we get back online??i been trying since 5pm and still says server is undergoing service!!!!!!
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      Sweet! While I don't celebrate Easter for the eggs or bunnies, only for what Christ accomplished, I do love huntin Easter Rappies! I guess Ep. III is gonna hafta wait in my GCN even tho I just got it the other day. Since the holiday rappies are here, that's pretty much all I'll be doin on Xbox Live. Ya-hoo!
    1. Neo_Synbios's Avatar
      Neo_Synbios -
      hey where are the XBOX decorations?
    1. 's Avatar
      has ANYONE found an egg rappy for the xbox version yet?

    1. 's Avatar
      Erm dude...i have a European xbox and play pso ...and im telling you we have been screwed over big time....no easter rappies for us... thank you sega for favouring the gc and japanese players over the european players...Well all i can say is My hunters license is gonna be cancelled asap and my copy of pso is gonna be ran over by my car outside od sega europes HQ .... Happy Easter Sega EU...and btw im not the only one who is gonna cancel hope the gc can keep you in revenue as xbox pso sure as hell wont anymore...lmao
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