• Battle Stages 7 & 8

    lollipoplolita writes, "

    ST posted announcing that Battle Stage 7 & 8 are up for PSOGC Ep 1 & 2. These battle stages are online battles for 2 - 4 players.


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    1. GangstaUnit's Avatar
      GangstaUnit -

      lol finally 2 new BAs to own in lol

      are they up as of today or like are servers down for like 10 millions hours -.-

      ima go check right now

      lol ima go own sean

    1. Sharkyland's Avatar
      Sharkyland -
      Okay, I was mailed by people after a game I had. They were on NORMAL and they wanted me to join them.

      I go to c1 where they were. It takes them nearly 3000hp to kill one shark... ok, wtf. They told me to do Battle 7 (the one where you run around to the obstacle course without getting killed).

      I did that, sharks were super fast and they have tremendous HP (I used a duped item [just testing] and it took me 3 combos to kill one normal shark, and the enemies were dealing 400+ dmg on my lvl.125 Marina.

      WTF? So far the only way to cure this is by going offline to reset this glitch.

    1. Uncle_bob's Avatar
      Uncle_bob -
      Some of the enemies are supposed to have insane strength in the BATTLE but not in the normal areas. So Uncle is guessing that the glitch just causes it to carry over to the normal areas.
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