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    lollipoplolita writes, "

    Ruleset: 30 Minute Battle, Minimum Dice 3, Maximum Dice 5, Character HP 20, Shared HP

    On 6/2-6/4 at 22:00-1:00 JP time, there will be 4 ships called G-1 GP/PRE01~04.
    These ships will have special tournaments on them which, when won, will raise your Gather Points, or Gather. While you are on a Gather ship, you will be able to see your Gather Rank above your name, same as you would normally check you rank on regular ships.

    Gather gained from each tournament round
    1st round win 100
    2nd round win 200
    3rd round win 500
    Finals win 1000

    Tournaments start every half an hour, so there are 7 possibilities to enter.

    Gather points gained are not changed regardless of facing a human or CPU opponent, so CPU bashing (in the tournament of course) is perfectly acceptable for gaining points.

    On 6/5, at 1 AM JP Time, the tournament preliminaries will be over. the top 32 players will be announced on the JP Episode 3 Web Site by 10 AM JP time, and will be able to send their information to be qualified for the finals.

    If you are in the top 16 according to Sega's list, you will be allowed entry into the special G-1 GP/ENTRY ship on 6/5 from 13:00-15:00 and from 21:00-
    23:00 JP time.

    If you are in the top 16, you are to go to the ship, and give Sonic Team your Guild Card Info, your Partner's Guild Card Info, and your Team Name to be used for the tournament. You're done after that point until the finals.

    If you make the Top 32, head to the ship from 23:00-24:00 JP time. You may still get an entry. The way this works is this:
    Lets say the first place player chooses the third place player as his partner. Rather than having the Top 16 people pick their partners for the 32 player finals, there are now only 15 teams. So 17 then gets to choose his partner to make up that last team. So, if you're not in the top 16, but close, you still stand a good chance, given that most high ranks will be playing in pairs.

    Then we have the finals. On 6/6, from 17:30-17:50 JP time, the 32 players will be able to enter the special G-1 GP/FINAL ship. The tournament will begin at 18:00 JP time. At that point, any prospective spectators may then enter the ships and do their thing.

    And now we come to the prizes...

    The winning team will recieve for each player:
    A years subscription to Game Gather
    An award certificate in the form of your favorite card
    3000 yen in Webmoney
    An exclusive Episode 3 Quo card
    A mystery prize

    And the runners up will recieve
    An award certificate in the form of your favorite card
    1500 yen in Webmoney
    An exclusive Episode 3 Quo card
    A mystery prize

    That about covers it! Good luck, and have fun!


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    1. GyroidFanatic's Avatar
      GyroidFanatic -
      I really hate how they made the time for it during school and work hours for Americans. In Eastern time, the tournament lasts from 9AM to Noon. For Pacific time, it's 6AM to 9AM. (Same dates for both)
    1. YeShallBeGods's Avatar
      YeShallBeGods -
      Does it really start at 9:00 est? Cause I did the time conversion through an online converter, and it said 8:00 Am... ? I'm no good at time converting so help is appreciated :P
    1. GyroidFanatic's Avatar
      GyroidFanatic -
      I just did a few checks at different websites, and right now it's 9:35AM Eastern and ~22:35 (or 10:35PM) Japan time.
    1. Sonicjsg's Avatar
      Sonicjsg -
      I think they riged this against US players anyway.
    1. 's Avatar
      Not just US, but everyone outside of Japan. The whole tournament is a huge spite gag, and I'm not gonna enter it.

      If this is how Sonic Team gets their laughs, they really need to consider moving to a slum in New York City, and see how -we- handle racism. >=D
    1. 's Avatar
      Racism? You thinks it is racism? thats funny. ST probably seen the sales of Ep III around the world and they have the most players compared to the US and Europe. SO that is probably why they have the time as it is not racism you biggot.
    1. 's Avatar
      All I can say is @#$% you Sega--I've been screwed over enough by you, and this is the last straw...
    1. 's Avatar
      I agree. If I am gonna pay to play this game the least they could do is let us play, or give us a tourney with no JP players. But then again sega is good at ruining games for anyone other than JP.
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