• PSO BB Beta to end July 5th

    velocity_7 writes, "According to the latest SEGA PC Players magazine post (PSO Express Vol. , the Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Open Beta is slated to end on July 5th, and Service In will begin July 8th. Other than that, some pictures were included, which could mean new environments:

    People who have registered before June 30 at 15:00 will get a Chameleon Wand as a gift (9-star rare item):

    Also, all teams registered before June 30 get 2,000 points each as a bonus for beta testing. Lastly, the new Episode for PSO BB is expected to show up sometime in 2004 according to the article.

    The bookstore sale version will go on sale on July 8, and the SEGA PC Store sale version on July 15. Both retail for 1,980 yen (w/ tax totals 2,079 yen).

    The download version (400 MB) will be available for 1,200 yen (w/ tax totals 1,260 yen) on July 8. There is no real difference between the bookstore and download versions.

    Also, the free download version that is currently available is no different from the version that will be purchased later.

    Schedule posted by Sonic Team for PSOBB:
    June 30, 15:00 - User ID Registration Closes
    July 5, 10:00 - Open Beta Test Ends
    July 8, 10:00 - User ID Registration Re-opens; Bill Registration Opens; Tentative Formal Service Starts

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    1. ChibiDevil's Avatar
      ChibiDevil -
      So where can i get registered for the beta trial or whatever. if thats even possible.
    1. Shrike's Avatar
      Shrike -
      ...and you don't care about the free item? i wanna know the stats on it
    1. Rubesahl's Avatar
      Rubesahl -
      Well some people may be planning on playing the JPN version, and still, some of us are interested on news of the game in Japan :P Like me >_>
    1. Castershell's Avatar
      Castershell -
      The Chameleon Scythe? you can already find it on PSO, and I really doubt they'd give it any kind of good stats, well maybe hit, but seriously, I'd much prefer the Soul Banish...glad I got one!
    1. AnnabellaRenee87's Avatar
      AnnabellaRenee87 -
      how manney of you all realley want this game on our pc's i do i even tryed to regester for the beta but couldent cus when u are regestering u have to put your name in like 3 languages and it wants u to put a japanese phone # in and adress in so i tryed im just waiting for it to show up on kazaa

      OBTW there was a hack on the original pc version to let you play for free..........
    1. Eihwaz's Avatar
      Eihwaz -
      Wee, Chameleon Scythe! My melee FOnewm will love that. And free team points...n.n

      Er, how will payment work if you live in America? I hope the exchange rate for dollars to yen isn't like 1:0.1341345. >_>

      Also, will ST be nice and give US players an optional english patch? Somehow I doubt that. -__-

    1. Eihwaz's Avatar
      Eihwaz -
      Many people (myself included, if everything goes well) want to get Blue Burst.

      If you've played PSO Ep1/2 enough, and/or know a bit of katakana, it really isn't that hard.

      Of course, I'm missing out on the new quest info. >_>
    1. 's Avatar
      Eihwaz/Matt hodge/ hodgepodge is a gay jewish nigger
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