• PSO on the Nintendo DS?

    Getintothegame writes, "I just passed out seeing this, I have great pleasure passing along this news-

    According to GCAdvanced, there is going to be a Phantasy Star Online DS.

    Here is the article they posted:

    Top SEGA franchises on Nintendo DS? We caught wind of some unofficially announced titles that you can expect. In what is purely speculation at this point, a reliable source has passed along the wonderful news of new SEGA titles planned for Nintendo DS.

    Whether the titles listed below are currently in development or just in planning stages, you can expect all of these games to make an appearance in some way, shape, or form:

  • Sonic DS
  • Super Monkey Ball DS

    While those are the previously announced and/or rumored titles, we are pleased to pass along the great news of even more Nintendo DS support from SEGA:

  • Phantasy Star Online DS
  • Puyo Puyo DS
  • "Project Rub"

    Phantasy Star Online DS (tentative title), is said to include both wireless and/or WiFi play, voice command options with the built in microphone and of course touch screen options.

    The rumored title, code named, "Project Rub," is said to be an entirely new and original project from SEGA for Nintendo DS, with no other information known. Perhaps from the suggested code-name, the touch screen will play a large part in the games creation.

    I will keep you guys up-to-date on this news."

    Hmmm that would be pretty cool, hopefully its not just a pure port with touch screen options.
    Thanks to Skett for also writing this to us.

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  1. NeoLon's Avatar
    NeoLon -
    Portable PSO! How cool is that!!!
  1. Zarode's Avatar
    Zarode -
    ^_^ Yay, it might be BB remake or something...

    And if it is Ep3...I am going to bomb Sega and Sonic Team. @[email protected]
  1. KnucklesZ5's Avatar
    KnucklesZ5 -
    But you know it is always oh so scrumptious when they do.
  1. 's Avatar
    what if it is an ALL NEW PSO that will kick @$$ so i going to say yes to sega!
  1. Butoden's Avatar
    Butoden -
    I'm quite sick n tired of restarting at level 1 as well. Why not make PSU DS!?
  1. 's Avatar
    pso this pso that

    rehash and report

    seems to be the sonic team way.
  1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
    kevlar_pso -
    Just like jello, you can never have enough PSO! Just look at me. I still have my account active on the GCN w/Ep I&II&III plus I'm still playin the Xbox version even tho I'm all about FFXI on the PC!!
  1. Thunderstrike's Avatar
    Thunderstrike -
    I hope its a new PSO with some of the Episode 1&2 levels, so it could be compatible with the Gamecube.

    Or Episode 3 would work well on the DS (considering the touch screen and the likes).
  1. oculin's Avatar
    oculin -
    Because the DS wont be powerful enough to support such a quality game coming plus they also have started making it for a homeconsel system not a gameboy...
  1. oculin's Avatar
    oculin -
    if this is true how will the game suffer? im sure theres not as much space on the DS then the original PSO size... we will mostlikely loose something... I dont think the DS will be able to pull off dreamcast graphics. but i do think it is possible to put PSO on the DS just not be able to be compatible with the game cube as some of u say. I wouldnt get your hopes up for a PSO DS but it is possible but probably wont be as good as PSO 1 and 2. im sure that not only the graphics of the game. i think it will also effect the gameplay. also would the second screen just be a map? or maybe the keyboard.... if it is a keyboard who knows how big the buttons will be if theres touch screen. Im not saying PSO DS is a bad idea im just saying that sega might not concider it because of simular reasons.
  1. eRUPT's Avatar
    eRUPT -
    About the graphics part I don't know, metroid prime seems to have a nice graphical version on the DS according to screens so we might actually see something worthwhile.
  1. RenagadeRappy's Avatar
    RenagadeRappy -
    I thought they should make pso on the DS but I was not sure they would so this news makes me absolutly gitty!
  1. nintendofan50's Avatar
    nintendofan50 -
    PSO on the DS would be cool. All we can do is hope that these rumors are true.
  1. oculin's Avatar
    oculin -
    hmm yes thats true. im just saying. dont be surpriesed if the graphics arnt that great... I also think it wont be a new pso either but who knows sega makes weird decisions...
  1. gamemaster787's Avatar
    gamemaster787 -
    plus nintedo ds looks like a sucky system neways like all of nintendos poratble systems. now psp looks like a good handheld system.
  1. MakoSOLDIER's Avatar
    MakoSOLDIER -
    Man I would have prefered it on the PSP. The DS is just too weird for me. The PSP has a really nice screen, how will PSO work on the DS's tiny screens?!
  1. MakoSOLDIER's Avatar
    MakoSOLDIER -
    Ya the DS is really messed up...
  1. 's Avatar
    Yeah but on the psp it would just be another game. With DS they can thaink of new ways to make the game if they take advantage of the hardware
  1. 's Avatar
    All the PSP is a handheld with good hardware. Anyone can make one with alot of money. At least nintendo is trying something new
  1. agenevil's Avatar
    agenevil -
    The DS screens are the size of a GBA SP/GBA screen each, not too bad. I also bet SEGA wants to stick to a company that they already make most of that franchise for.
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