• We missed it completely but its gotta be posted for archiving sakes

    During the downtime here at PSO-world, a few events went by that have no chance of being participated in at this point. On the Gamecube, XBOX, and Blue Burst versions of Phantasy Star Online, Resting at the Beach dissapeared from the online servers. On top of this, The Phantasy Star Online Illustration Olympics also went by. During this events, players on Episode III were able to go into special lobbies, and see the art that won in their divisions. You can still see that art here.

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      Hey, don't look at me, I just started this job yesterday. But don't worry. I'll be able to handle it no problem.
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      I don't soley rely on this for Phantasy Star News. I found out about somethings thru other sites.
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      Not in special lobbies. The art was in all Ep. 3 lobbies on every block & every ship. The art required a Japanese Ep. 3 disc in order to display, though.
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