• Episode III aniversary on now

    PSOXtreme writes ---Card Revolution Festival---

    Card Revolution Festival is a 2 part event that will be held from November 9th to the 30th, to commemorate the 1st year anniversary of the Japanese release of PSO Episode 3.

    During this Online festival, there will be significant changes to many cards, allowing for even more diverse strategies, and the creation of even more unique decks.

    In addition to this, during the festival you will have a greater opportunity to obtain rarer cards. So please take advantage of this by taking part!

    Festival Details:

    ---Part 1
    November 9 to 18: "Rappy Card" Festival (Try looking at your rappy cards! Cool huh? Also you should expect some other little goodies throught your battles)

    ---Part 2" November 18 to 30: "High Card" Festival (??? No news yet, up to you to find out! ???)

    Enjoy the latest event of Episode 3!

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