• Valentines Day on XBox

    momonpso writes, "XBox PSO now has the Valentines Day decorations up in the lobbys. Plus they have 2 new quests to choose from. The first one is the seasonal Valentines Day Quest, a one player quest for female characters only. And the second one is Phantasmal World 4, which takes place in the Control Tower."

    Interesting, I didn't think Phantasmal World 3 was up for PSOX yet. Did they skip over it?

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    1. Getintothegame's Avatar
      Getintothegame -
      Weird... since Microsoft handles all Sega's requests, maybe they forgot to add that one as well. Hope they add it later.
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      Wah, I can't post PSO-X news anymore!

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