• Easter has arrived on XBox

    momonpso writes, "Starting March 30th and until April 30th XBox will be decorated for Easter. Giant Easter baskets have been installed in the lobbys.

    Also a new quest has been added. Max Attack 1 Ver 2 This is an online VR quest for up to 4 players. How many monsters can you kill? Help reach the maximum!

    OK guys, Go for it! Make that Rappy's dream come true! (hopefully next month)

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    1. goldbrease's Avatar
      goldbrease -
      wow mom wrote this? cool congrats on geting on the front page mom.
    1. Ancient's Avatar
      Ancient -
      OMG!! Easter on Xbox! IM...SO...HAPPY!!!
    1. 's Avatar
      hey people question what do you do with the LUCKY TICKETS ?

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