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    momonpso writes, "Easter is finally over! I hope you all got lots of Easter Eggs because you won't be getting any more for a year now. There are now 2 new quests up and running for XBox! The first is the Max Attack 2. Get 10,000 kills and get your Heart of ID. This quest takes place in Eps 2, from Temple to Towers. Make it all the way to the finish line to get your tickets. The second quest is Beach Laughter. In this quest you can play games with Rappys using your tickets from the Max Attack Quests, to get more kill points towards your hearts. There are other things to do as well. So go in a have fun talking to the Rappys."

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    1. avengis's Avatar
      avengis -
      think that updates are always a good idea
    1. momonpso's Avatar
      momonpso -
      I have no idea what this has to do with XBox PSO, but to answer your questions, no, there will not be an offline option once Beta is over. And the only way to have comps in the same house play together is to get an account for each comp. Thats what I did so that my son and I could play online together.
    1. MasterDiver's Avatar
      MasterDiver -
      ya... i just dont want to pay for it... in that i dont have a credit card and i know my parents wouldnt pay for it... but i no its worth the money....there should be off line tho...even if u couldn't link with other players
    1. RadXXL's Avatar
      RadXXL -
      you cant have an offline when there is server side saving though. And having seperate offline and online character wouldnt work well wither, cause who would play this offline when it has offline modes for everything else.
    1. MasterDiver's Avatar
      MasterDiver -
      well im sortof lost but thats ok.....i dont give a crap there should be offline 4 those who dont want to pay....there is always offline on pso...im a classic DreamCast pso player, these games should be made how they were in the first place...thice is my opinion tho....w/e suits u.....
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