• Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible w/PSO-X?

    kevlar_pso writes, "Microsoft published a list earlier today of a list of games that have been confirmed to work with the XBox 360 at launch. You can find the full list here.

    Here Are All the "P" Games:
    • Pariah
    • Phantom Crash
    • Pinball Hall of Fame
    • Pitfall: The Lost Expedition
    • Predator Concrete Jungle
    • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    • Pro Evolution Soccer 5
    • Pro Race Driver
    • Pump It Up: Exceed
    • Pure Pinball
    • Puyo Pop Fever

    As you can see PSO-X has been left off of the list. However, this is not the final cut of original Xbox games that will be emulated for the 360. Microsoft IS adding more so you will need to check back occasionally to see if PSO-X makes the list.

    kevlar_pso goes on to add: "This list does bring up and interesting question though. Perhaps there was a reason that PSO-X will not be playable on the 360. I know for a fact that MMO's will not require the Gold Xbox Live service. Seeing as how we have to PAY $8.95 a month on Xbox 1, minus the 2 free months in the trial period, could it be that Microsoft wants to steer more consumers towards the Gold Membership since PSO-X would only require the Free Silver membership? Or could it be something jucier, something far greater? Could it be that. . . .(gasp) PSU is in development for the 360? That Microsoft & SEGA want to pull in Phantasy Star players into Universe as opposed to Online which was ported from the GameCube which was ported from the Dreamcast? Hmmmm. . . .It's just a thought."

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    1. Ancient's Avatar
      Ancient -
      If its on the official site then it pretty obvious that the system will be backwards compatible. Heck, Bungie has even publicly announced that Halo and Halo2 will not only work on 360 but they'll be running in 720p with full screen anti-aliasing! So dont be such a hater ;P

      It does warm my heart though that they managed to put Phantom Crash on the list, hopefully PSO wont be too far off.
    1. Sonic646's Avatar
      Sonic646 -
      No No, something tells me they just haven't written an emulation profile for good ol' pso yet and they may if they feel like it...
    1. atomisk's Avatar
      atomisk -
      what was the point of this post? all youve said that PSO-x may or may not be compatible with the 360 and PSU may or may not be in development for the 360
    1. ajenteks's Avatar
      ajenteks -
      Gates paid him to put it on the front page. Any publicity for the Xbox is good publicity.
    1. Getintothegame's Avatar
      Getintothegame -
      Yup, PSOW is slowly getting taken over by Microsoft.
    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      The point of the news article was to let PSO-X users know the latest information about whether the game will be compatible with the 360. At the moment, it is not. However, there is a small chance that could change in the future.
    1. Eihwaz's Avatar
      Eihwaz -
      Saying that because PSOX isn't on the list, PSU is in development for the Xbox360 is retarded. PSU is going to be on the PS2 and PC, and I seriously doubt that it will appear on one of the next gen consoles.

      On a side note, Microsoft fails for not having Phantom Dust on the list. Who the hell even plays Phantom Crash?
    1. 's Avatar
      This is only a list of initial games that will be backward compatible. As the intelligent of you will know, the reason only certain ones will be playable on the 360 is because the internal hardware is of different brands than the xbox 1. Don't turn this into some crazy conspiricay theory. If you must put a reason for it not being on the list, how bout the fact that it wasn't a big seller?
    1. 's Avatar
      I just wouldn't get hyped up because sometimes there could be a faliure with backwards compatiblity or the promise could bescrapped altogether. After all this news comes days before the shipping date nothing says it will go smoothly .
    1. Alucard_Zer0's Avatar
      Alucard_Zer0 -
      i play Phantom crash/S.L.A.I. for one, secondly steel battalion isnt on the effin list what is that!
    1. Deathwalk28's Avatar
      Deathwalk28 -
      Do not throw away the theory that PSU will not be released for the 360. This is a slightly foolish move. Currently, I have been waiting for a game called Soul Calibur III to come out to X-Box. It will not be released to X-Box because there is not enough penetration at the current time (according to the company) . However, they stated that they would be willing to make the game under the next-gen consoles when released.

      If Sega has a similar strategy to Namco's, I would believe that PSU has a heavy chance of coming to 360 sometime in 2006.

      Just my two bits.
    1. Rubius-sama's Avatar
      Rubius-sama -
      PSO is the worst game ever. 360 is only backwards compatible with good games.
    1. 's Avatar
      Funny part is,Barbie & Shamue games made the list,lol.Who knows,maybe PSU is in development for 360.Let's hope so.
    1. DarkEliteRico's Avatar
      DarkEliteRico -
      What, XIII is on the list...along with a bunch of other games that did poorly in sales as well as gameplay BAH HUMBUG....come on microsoft get your crap together
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      I was just curious, if any1 posting here has an Xbox 360, would you put your copy of PSO-X in and let us know what the system tells you?
    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      a buddy of mine on psoX already tested this and surprisingly it works as backward compatible and he was online with x360 according to him, but if anyone wish to find this out for themselves just keep in mind that the emulation software has to be downloaded thru xbox Live for it to work, I was also advised a way to transfer old pso data to xbox 360 thru a usb flash drive device called MegaXkey which seems to be a sort of legitimate 3rd party import memory card/cheat device without the use of modchip, ...shall find out more,...
    1. 's Avatar
      I have a 360 - and no the game isnt backwards compatible. However, MS have said they are working to make more games backwards compatible, so we will have to wait and see. Also im dissapointed that PSU is for the PS2 and not a next gen console beings as the PS2 will be dead within the next year. I was hoping for a more next gen experience
    1. 's Avatar
      Just says its not compatible at this time, see xbox.com/games blah blah. nothing thrilling
    1. 's Avatar
      I just tried it and its not compatible with 360 yet...
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