• Planned down time for PSO

    On November 22nd, the Japanese servers on PSO will be going down across multiple versions between 1100 and 2300 hours JP time. Below is the list of affected versions

    Dreamcast V1, V2 (Sorry, USA is not going back up.)
    Gamecube Episode I&II (plus)
    Gamecube Episode III

    Take this down time to catch up on all that is happening with Phantasy Star Universe which you can read about here on the front page and in our PSU forum.

    EDIT: The Japanese servers servers and supporting equipment are being transfered. The non-Japanese servers should be up during this time period.

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    1. watashiwa's Avatar
      watashiwa -
      LOL! Maybe they're going to patch all the FSOD, exploits, and things of that nature... LOL, MAYBE!!

      (Haha, yeah right.)
    1. Sharkyland's Avatar
      Sharkyland -
      I'm wondering what's going to happen. I've been hearing this rumor about the anniversary thingie... but I really don't know.
    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      This will affect all GC versions of PSO. Also, the reason for the downtime has been added.
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      In other words. . . .They are dropin the axe on ships to make room for beta for Universe. I remember when they did that to the Dreamcast version in the US. I'll logg on tomorrow to the GCN versions and give confirmation one way or the other.
    1. 's Avatar
      Hmm, I dont think they'll close down just yet, but I don't think it'll be too long either.

      I think we would have had some kind of announcement to say if the servers were going down permanently.

      Well, I'll just try and get online over the next few days. Otherwise, you'll see me on the 'other' server.
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      I didn't mean permantly axe all PSO-GCN servers. I meant that we could see whole ships and some blocks vanish completely.
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      It's not like most American gamers won't be fondling over their shiny new Xbox 360's anyways. l0l
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