• It's Christmas on Xbox as Well

    kevlar_pso writes, "On the US PSO-X servers Halloween is over and Christmas is here. You may now find Saint Rappies, which if you've been nice this past year will give you a Christmas Present. Also, Pioneer Christmas has been uploaded. If you need some help with this quest, be sure to check out this thread in our forums."

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      ya i agree its about time, hopefully i can find an angels heart.

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      kevlar_pso -
      We only have until the 30th to do the quest on Ult and find Saint Rappies in the Temple.
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      kevlar_pso -
      I followed the guide on the link to complete the Pioneer Christmas quest on Ultimate. I finished level 3 and moved on to level 4. However, I came to the last puzzle and went to input the buttons in order, but I was denied on the 1st button. Even tho I stepped on the correct button I failed. Apperently you need to walk between buttons 5 &6 in order to "correctly input the buttons." So I went and tried it again, this time stepping between 5 & 6 on my way to the 1st button, button #4. I received my Christmas Present.

      I find that this is very odd. Has any1 else found this out to be true? I will try it again w/my Force who's 2 levels away from Ultimate once he hits Ultimate. Can somebody else help me confirm this on the Xbox version? I'm not sure if this is the case on BB, GCN, and DC either.
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