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    Happy 5th Anniversary Phantasy Star Online.

    It was 5 years ago the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Online hit the Dreamcast. Its been a long time since the days of Dreamcast Version 1 where the maximum level was 100, PB boosting was the normal activity before a boss, and there was a constant fear of being given a negative value HP material, and here we are today. More mangas have been introduced at the official celebration site so go ahead and head on over.

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    1. PrinceBrightstar's Avatar
      PrinceBrightstar -
      just click around. The whole site is based around the anniversary. you can also check the webstream they've got going for the introduction for PSU.
    1. haruna's Avatar
      haruna -
      The 4 comas were great!

      "Where do Red Boxes come from?" and "I'd die for you, Rico."

      So wrong yet so amusing.
    1. ApplesGosh's Avatar
      ApplesGosh -
      awesome i love pso
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