• One of the Best Games You Never Bought

    sprky585 writes, "According to the lastest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, 'Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2' was named one of the 'Top 20 Games You Never Bought.' Here is what the review said in the Magazine:

    What it Was: "Essentially, 'Diablo' in space. Crawl through space dungeons, kill things, level up, and buy cooler items. Repeat with three friends online for 100 hours."
    Why You Didn't Buy It: "Well, it did say, 'Xbox Live Required to Play' on the box, even though that wasn't exactly true. Plus, as you'll see throughout this list (the other 19 games), Sega's in-house products tended to have an inverse relationship between quality and sales (i.e., the better they were, the fewer copies they sold)"
    Why it Still Rocks: "What part of 'Diablo' in space' didn't just make you run out to the store?"
    Current Price and Availability: "No longer available new; $9.99 used at EBgames.com"
    Backwards Compatability with Xbox 360: "No"

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    1. gjb-sensei's Avatar
      gjb-sensei -
      Actually, it is still possible to find new copies of the game. VideoGameDepot.com, a highly reputable site, has it in stock, brand new, for only $19.99.
    1. zandra117's Avatar
      zandra117 -
      Too bad they've stopped updating PSOX US and EU.
    1. 's Avatar
      proberly because the xbox did so terrible in Japan, the machine literally bombed, no offense, i have a 360 so im not a hater i love the machine, but with only like 200,000 or so units sold or even less the chances of every owner getting the game are low at best..

      and i dont know about Europe/USA.. lol.. maybe people didnt like they had to have a live account to play.

      i noticed you mentioned about the live part in the article, i believe what that refers to is, that the game requires an xbox live account to play, in other words if your signed up, your info is stored on the xbox itself, and thus when you put the game in, you can play offline
    1. Split's Avatar
      Split -
      lol spacedungeons? wtf? also, diablo 2 in particular is much better than pso, since the epI areas are all terrible.
    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      the game is not dead just yet at least till PSU arrives around Nov. here in U.S. there are good number of ppl still playing online and server is in stable condition eventho it lacks seasonal updates that no one really cares about anymore, for those who never tried this game and for those who wants to come back to practice their skill before PSU hits, it worths investment of $20 ($10 for game & $10 for Hunter's License to play online for 1 month), fully recommended.
    1. zandra117's Avatar
      zandra117 -
      Hunters Liscence is 2 months free on xbox not 1 month. just enough time to last you till psu.
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      Actually, it's one of the best Xbox games I ever bought period. This game coupled w/all the DVD's I've watched are the reasons why my Xbox is run down. You make a much closer connection w/ppls in PSO w/voice chat than in any of the other versions. Three second voice lag may limit you some in Challenge Mode, but not if you play w/ppls who know their roles and the maps by heart. If I still had high speed internet I would still be on PSO-X.
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