• 10x Droprates for JP BB

    Starting on September 1st, Japanese Blue Burst players will receive 10x droprates as a reward for gaining 200 million points in Maximum Attack 4. The increased droprate period is set to run until September 4th. If you ever wanted go to hunting for a super-rare like the Yasha, Sealed J-Sword, or Real Nei's Claw, now is the time. Credit goes to Nites for spotting this news.

    10x droprates

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    1. AnnabellaRenee87's Avatar
      AnnabellaRenee87 -
      what about us US PSOBB Players?
    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      We will probably never see this.
    1. 's Avatar
      lol yeah right and btw god damn thats huge
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